Fringe Benefits

Social Insurance

For descriptions of social insurance, coverage and benefits, click here.

  • Social Insurance
  • Coverage
  • Social Insurance at the End of Employment
  • Funeral and Death Benefits: Regulations and Compensation

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For general information related to loan values and application permissions, click here.

  • Description of Program
  • Value of Loan
  • Personnel Permitted to Apply For Loan

Medical Coverage Provided by AUC to Staff:

  • Services of the Clinic for Full-time Staff

For information regarding clinic services, click here.

  1. Local health-care plan for support staff other than administrators and managers, administered by MetLife - a multinational health-care provider.
  2. International health plan for administrators and managers - Cigna.

Group Life Insurance                

For more information pertaining to group life insurance coverage options, click here.

  • Group Life Insurance Policy for All AUC Personnel

Retirement Benefits                                                    

For more information regarding retirement plans and benefits, click here. 

  • Social Insurance Retirement Benefit
  • Additional Retirement Plans
  1. Staff supplemental pension plan in Egyptian pounds
  2. The American-based AUC custodial retirement plan in USD dollars - for US citizens/residents
  3. The AUC off-shore retirement investment plan
  4. The Arab African International Bank - AUC retirement savings plan in US dollars

Retired Staff Policy 

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Daycare Benefits                                                            

For more information related to AUC daycare options and reimbursements, click here.

  • Eligibility
  • The Early Years Company; caring for the children of AUC
  • The Daycare Reimbursement System           

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Uniforms, Dress and Appearance

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