Educational Benefits for Employees

An employee who has completed or will complete at least one full year at the University during the applied for semester is eligible to take tuition-free, one regular course per semester in the academic program of the University (with the exclusion of PhD and EMBA programs). Eligibility for academic programs is however limited to one graduate degree where no further academic courses are covered subsequently.

Alternatively, eligibility is extended to two courses per term in the non-academic programs, such as scheduled programs at the School of Continuing Education (SCE), courses at the School of Business Executive Education (with the exclusion of AMP certificate) or Engineering and Science Services studies, provided they meet admission requirements. However, courses with a training nature are not covered.

In order to make use of the educational benefits, an employee must inform his or her director of the intention to pursue the studies covering himself or herself and/or his or her dependents in the budget planning matrix on a yearly basis.

The cost will be charged according to the semester scheduled dates, whether academic or non-academic, no overlapping of term or semester is permitted. Cost per semester should not exceed the equivalent of 7.5 percent of the full undergraduate tuition.

Employees who are enrolled in academic certificate programs are permitted to register in non-academic programs, provided that the applicant is not registered under any academic course(s) during the semester he/she is applying for.

Educational benefits are extended for courses under contract with a third party, or where a third party is paid to deliver the course. Through which benefits are extended to cover only the portion of the fees of the course which is delivered totally by the University or where part of the fees is paid directly to the University respectively.

The resident housing director of student affairs is immediately eligible to one academic course, free of charge, in addition to the housing benefit he/she enjoys. Upon the recommendation of the supervisor, an employee may be granted permission to spend three hours per week during regular working hours to take academic educational courses conducted through the University.

The service requirement is waived for full-time regular relocated employees or senior administrators with no ceiling per course per semester. In this case, both categories of employees are eligible immediately for the full subsidy.

This policy is only applicable to senior management and relocated hires employed prior to April 1, 2017. Effective April 1, 2017. Senior Management and relocated hires contractual terms of employment are as per their individual contracts.

Extension of a staff scholarship in the University academic program to a second course, tuition-free, may be granted to eligible employees when the following conditions are met with the approval of the department head:

  1. The enrollment in the second course is less than the maximum number of students allowed by the department offering the course. 
  2. The timing of the class does not conflict with the employee’s working hours. If classes are held during normal working hours, suitable arrangements should be made to make up these hours.
  3. Enrollment in any additional course, which is borne in full by the employee, is still subject to the department head’s approval.

The employee will acknowledge and adhere to all University policies pertaining to students as stipulated in the various publications such as academic integrity, proper student conduct and dress code. Violations of any of these policies may subject the employee to disciplinary action including withdrawal of subsidies.