Educational Benefits

Employee Education Benefit                 

For more information regarding eligibility, general provisions and available courses, click here.

  • General Provisions
  • Additional Courses
  • Expected Behavior of Employees Enrolled as Students        

Education Benefits for Dependents        

For more information regarding academic benefits for dependents and eligibility for those benefits, click here. 

  • Definition of Dependent
  • Number of Dependents Entitled to the Benefit of Academic Studies
  • Application for Education
  • Eligibility for Dependents of Regular Full-time Employees
  1. One year of service
  2. More than one year and less than five years service
  3. Five years service or more
  • Eligibility for Dependents of Full-time Project Employees    
  • Period of Coverage
  • Tuition Benefits For Job Sharing Positions
  • Expected Behavior of Dependents of Employees Enrolled as Students
  • Special Considerations for Senior Management and Previous Full-time Service
  • Regulations for Dependents of Employees
  1. Leave Without Pay
  2. End of Service
  3. Retirement
  4. Death
  5. Coverage
  6. Application Timing
  7. Attendance and Absenteeism
  8. Bus Service