Disciplinary Action and Investigation

AUC's Right to Take Action

The University reserves the right to take disciplinary action regarding an employee but encourages an informal process of investigation and appropriate action in the first instance of disciplinary action. 


Expectations of Employees

AUC expects employees to meet the obligations of their employment contract and perform their duties to the prescribed standard meeting the Code of Ethics (see item 02.06.02 in chapter two). Failure to meet these expectations may result in disciplinary measures being undertaken. (Examples of violations where the disciplinary action would be applied are set out in Appendix X. For further details, refer to the online manual at hr.aucegypt.edu.) The term “misconduct” shall be understood to include any improper action by an employee in his/her official capacity, any use or attempted use of a position by an employee for personal advantage, any conduct not related to official duties which tends to bring the University into public discredit, or any contravention of the regulations of the University or the governing labor practices and procedures.


Administrative Investigation

For violations which have not been resolved at an informal level, the administrative director or department chair must make a report in writing to the Office of Human Resources. To this report should be attached the comments of the immediate supervisor of the offender giving details about the incident and the circumstances which surrounded it. The human resources office will request the Office of Legal Affairs to conduct an administrative investigation. The administrative investigation summons the employee to provide comments and answer questions put by the investigator(s). No employee will be reported to the police authorities without the recommendation of the human resources executive director and the approval of the area head concerned and the senior administrator in charge of security.


Employee Remarks

An employee shall be afforded a reasonable opportunity to furnish comments to the University administration.


Procedure if Employee Refuses to Sign Disciplinary Documents

Should an employee refuse to appear before an investigating body, or refuse to sign the documentation covering the case, the University will make a decision based on the available information. It will be the University’s right to take the appropriate disciplinary action including referring the case to the quintet committee of the labor office for dismissal, if it has grounds for doing so, in accordance with the provisions of the labor law.


Appropriate Disciplinary Action

According to the results of the investigation and in accordance with the set regulations governing disciplinary actions at AUC, the human resources executive director determines the appropriate action in consultation with the administrative director or department chair. The action may take the form of a verbal reprimand, or for more serious offenses, it could result in dismissal.


Disciplinary Measures in Writing

Any proposal to apply a disciplinary measure to an employee shall be communicated to him or her in writing, stating the reasons for which it has been made.


The Right to Appeal 

Every staff member shall have the right to appeal against any decision which is alleged to constitute non-observance of his or her contract of employment or of established administrative practices in such a way as to adversely affect his interests. Cases of grievance can be brought to the attention of the human resources director after being investigated through the proper channels. (Refer to the online manual Appendix X at hr.aucegypt.edu for details of the disciplinary actions.)