Daycare Benefits

Daycare Eligibility, Procedures and Reimbursement 


All regular, full-time as well as casual female employees with children from the age of three months to the age of five years old are eligible to receive daycare benefits. The benefit is provided up to two children per each female employee. 


AUC Daycare Center

The University has designated the AUC daycare center as an outsourced registered daycare center, independent from the University. The center operates at AUC New Cairo, as the primary care service provider for eligible AUC employees working at AUC New Cairo. The center follows the calendar of The American University in Cairo and is closed the days the University is closed. The center stays open during the summer months, except for a short period in August, where the center operates on a  limited scale; depending on the number to be served during that period.

Working hours start at 8:00 am and end at 4:00 pm to accommodate AUC working hours as per the new contract. Extra hours fees are paid in full by the University for those whose work requires them to stay between the hours from 4:00 to 4:45 pm. Children from the age of one year old and up to the age of five years old are eligible for admission to the center, provided they are able to walk.

The employee is required to pay an administrative onetime fee upon submission of the application form, in addition to a monthly daycare fee equivalent to 5 percent of the employee’s monthly salary for the first child and an additional 4 percent for the second child. Payroll deduction will be made to pay the employee’s share of the monthly fees of the daycare center. The remaining fees balance is paid by the University to the center provided that the center confirms that the child is attending on a full-time basis.


The Daycare Reimbursement System 

There is a substitute to the AUC day care center benefit in which employees use an external daycare center and pay the monthly fees, provided that it is accredited and the child is attending on a full-time basis. Reimbursements are made through payroll, whereby the employer’s contributions in the monthly fees are included in the following monthly salary.

Eligible employees who are unable to enroll their child(ren) in the AUC daycare center or who prefer to use another daycare center of their choice, are qualified to receive the benefit, provided that the daycare center is certified and registered with the Ministry of Social Affairs. The maximum amount the University will contribute is limited to what would be paid if the child were enrolled in the AUC daycare center, including extra hour fees.