Day Care Benefits

All regular female employees who work on a full-time basis or casual contracts and who have children from the age of three months to the age of five are eligible to receive custody benefits for the care of the children of University employees and this feature is provided for a maximum of two children per employee.

The University has designated a center to care for female employees of the University - a registered center for child care that provides its services through an outsourced day care center (currently through “The Early Years Company”), which is an independent center from the University and provides its services at AUC New Cairo campus. The center follows the University's academic calendar throughout the year. The center is open during the summer months where it operates on a limited scale, depending on the availability during that period.

Work begins at the center at 8:00 am and ends at 4:00 pm in order to cover the working hours at the University. The University pays the full overtime pay for female employees whose work needs require them to stay after 4:00 pm until 4:45 pm.

Children from ages one to five years old are eligible to join the center where the child should be able to walk.

The female employee must pay a one-time administrative fee when submitting the application form for the nursery administration, in addition to a monthly fee for the day care equivalent to 5% (five percent) of the employee's monthly salary for the first child and an additional 4% (four percent) for the second child. The deduction of the employee's salary is made through the payroll office to pay her share of the monthly fees paid to the day care center. The University pays the remaining fees to the center, provided that the center confirms that the child attends regular terms with a minimum of more than half of the month with one day or twelve working days.

For more information about AUC's Daycare, click here.

This system is an alternative to the University’s day care center where female employees use an external center and pay the monthly fees, provided that this center is accredited and that the child attends regularly and with a minimum of more than half of the month with one day or twelve working days.

The fees are recovered through the payroll office, whereby the fees for the employer's share in the monthly fees are added to the next monthly salary of the employee.

Qualified female employees who cannot enroll their child, or their children, at the University's day care center, or who prefer to use another day care according to their choice, have the right to benefit from this benefit. The maximum amount that the University will pay in this case is equal to the value of what would have been paid if the child joined the University's daycare center, including the additional hourly fee.