Cigna Medical Plan

Cigna is an international health insurance plan, which the University provides to accommodate the needs of its expatriate employees in particular. This is a benefit in addition to the medical care mandated by law.

Participation in the plan is compulsory for all relocated administrators and managers from day one of employment. For local administrators and managers, it is voluntary as they may join the local medical plan instead of the Cigna plan. An employee for whom participation is voluntary must make his/her decision to join the Cigna plan within 24 months of being eligible to do so as eligibility ceases after attaining two years of employment.

Cigna coverage is performance-rated and premiums may increase or decrease accordingly. Premiums are paid at the "family with children" rate, the "couple" rate, the “single parent with children” rate or at the "single rate," according to the status of the insured. Premiums are paid in US dollars and AUC contributes half of the cost of the insured premiums.

Detailed information about medical expenses covered by the plan is cited in the contract. Copies of the contract are available upon request at the Office of Human Resources.

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