Centennial Excellence Award

  • “100 Years of Excellence” is a recognition initiative, with two kinds of awards presented each quarter to 100 staff members
  • Nominees are those who have demonstrated outstanding service/performance or who have made a significant contribution to the University beyond the normal expectations of their position
  • Area heads will quarterly nominate 100 awardees
  • The Office of Human Resources will set the number of awards for each area on a quarterly basis and will communicate to each area head

SPOT Award

At the moment contributions”

High Achievement Award

“Sustained significant contribution over time”

Significant staff member achievements and contributions

Beyond and above job duties

Cost-saving and efficiency

Outstanding customer service

Sustained high performance over time

Recognition of high talent staff members

Number of Awardees/Year Number of Awardees/Year

300 Awards

100 Awards

Value/Type of Awards Value/Type of Awards

Family dinner voucher (EGP 2,000 or equivalent hotel service)

Family two-night stay (EGP 10,000 or equivalent hotel service)

Carrefour voucher (EGP 2,500)

Cash payment (EGP 15,000)


A one-time payment equal to one month of basic salary


Nominations/Approvals Nominations/Approvals

Nomination from the head of the department 

Approval of area head

Analysis and processing by the Office of Human Resources 

Nomination from area head

Analysis of the Office of Human Resources

Approval of University President

Processing of Office of Human Resources 

 The Office of Human Resources will distribute the award nomination forms to all area heads.


The deadlines for sending back the nomination forms to the Human Resources are as per the below dates:



Announcement of Award


March 7, 2019

March 2019

Second round

May 30, 2019

June 2019

Third round

September 10, 2019

September 2019

Fourth round

November 21, 2019

December 2019

A regular full-time staff, who is active on payroll and has successfully passed the probation period.

A staff member is eligible to receive a maximum of two awards for the SPOT award or one award for the High Achievement Award per year.

A staff member, whose contract was involuntarily terminated for unsatisfactory performance or misconduct.

A staff member who is resigning.