Casual Emergency Leave

Emergency Leave Rules and Procedures

Clarification of the Term "Emergency Leave"

According to AUC policies, emergency leave denotes leave that is granted for unexpected circumstances, which employees cannot control or foretell and which forces them to absent themselves from work without prior permission.


AUC Entitlement

Employees may use up to seven days emergency leave in each fiscal year according to the following conditions noted below. 

  1. Four of the seven days of emergency leave can be taken provided they are in accordance with the following conditions:
    1. The leave must be for an unexpected emergency beyond the control and unforeseen by the employee.
    2. It must not exceed one day at a time.
    3. It will not be preceded or followed by any other type of leave.
    4. It is subject to approval by the supervisor at work immediately upon the employee's return.
  2. The other three days of the emergency leave are free from the above conditions as long as they are not preceded or followed by any other type of leave. This may be used for the death of a family member (parent, spouse or child).



Emergency leave cannot be accumulated or transferred from one year to the other, and is not subject to claim by any employee after the end of any fiscal year. Casual leave entitlement is proportionate to the period of employment.