Attendance, Holidays and Leaves

For more information regarding working hours, leave and absences, click here.

  • Working Hours
  • Additional Working Hours
  • Leaving Work for an Emergency
  • Emergency Absence and Leave
  • University Schedule Changes



For more information regarding official holiday days and procedures, click here.

  • Official Holidays
  • Educational Institution Holidays
  • Non-Compensatory Holidays
  • Official National Holidays



For information regarding annual leave regulations and procedures, click here.

  • Annual Leave
  • Annual Leave Entitlements
  • First Year of Employment
  • Number of Consecutive Days Annual Leave
  • Procedure for Support Staff Members:
  1. Annual leave request
  2. Carrying over leave entitlement
  3. Annual leave statement



For more information regarding sick leave regulations and procedures, click here.   

  • Sick Leave Regulations 
  • Number of Days Permitted and Payment Made
  • Replacing Sick Leave With Annual Leave Regulation
  • Full-paid Sick Leave by Law
  • Eligibility for Paid Sick Leave
  • Rest Periods
  • Excessive Sick Leave Regulations
  • Procedures to Follow in Case of Illness:
  1. Notification of illness
  2. Approval of sick leave less than two days
  3. Approval of sick leave exceeding two days
  4. Visiting the AUC Clinic
  5. Authorized sick leave
  6. Home visits



For more information regarding maternity leave procedures and rules, click here

  • Egyptian Law Regarding General Regulations
  • General Regulations of Entitlement
  • Maximum Entitlement During Period of Service
  • Regulations Following the Delivery of a Child
  • Maternity Leave Procedures
  • Regulations Regarding Two Years Confinement Period
  • Leave Without Pay for Childcare
  • Pre- and Post-natal Complications Leave



For more information regarding laws and regulations related to emergency leave, click here. 

  • Egyptian Law Regarding Casual Leave
  • Clarification of Term Emergency Leave
  • AUC Entitlement



For more information on the regulations, procedures and benefits related to leave of absence, click here. 

  • General Regulations
  • Egyptian law regarding leave without pay
  • University policy regarding leave without pay
  • Extended leave without pay
  • Vacations and benefits during leave without pay
  • Educational benefits during leave without pay
  • Leave without pay during probationary period
  • Reinstatement to position
  • AUC Procedure



For information regarding pilgrimage leave eligibility and procedures, click here. 

  • Eligibility and Allowance


For procedures and forms related to working remotely, click here. 

  • Procedure for Working Remotely
  • Remote Work Agreement Form