Annual Leave Regulations

Annual Leave Requirements and Conditions

Annual Leave
The annual leave is computed based on working days with the week being equivalent to five working days and the month equivalent to 22 working days. The annual leave can be taken any time between July and June in line with the fiscal year. 

Annual Leave Entitlements
Annual leave entitlements are commensurate with the position category and the service years. Any service period acquired outside the University which is covered by social insurance is counted as service years concerning annual leave entitlements. Higher leave entitlements start during the fiscal year following the one in which the employee completes the required service period for such entitlement. An employee, on leaving a place of work, has the right to receive payment for annual leave owed to him or her, proportionate to the number of working days. If an employee resigns during the year after using more than his or her earned leave entitlement, the employee will have to pay the University back for the number of days taken that he or she had not earned yet. The entitlements in working days for support staff members, according to the position category, social insurance coverage, and age of the employee, are displayed in the following table:

Leave Entitlement

Service period Managerial All support staff except SSS** jobholders


SSS** jobholders

At appointment 30 22 21
On completing seven years of social insurance coverage 30 25 22

On completing 10 years of social insurance coverage

30 30 30

 *All personnel reaching 50 years of age are entitled to 30 working days regardless of their service period.
**Support staff members filling skilled, semi-skilled and service jobs.

First Year of Employment 
During the first year of service with the University, an employee is entitled to an annual leave proportional to his or her period of employment. Annual leave is not to be taken during the three months probationary period. If an employee joins the University between April 1 and June 30, this leave portion will be carried over to the next year. 

Number of Consecutive Days Annual Leave
Employees are required by law to take an annual leave of 15 days, including at least six consecutive days. No employee can relinquish his or her right to that entitlement. Where the employee is sitting for an official examination, and as agreed by the University Senior leadership he/she is entitled to take the exam days off and not to be deducted from their annual leave. In such a case, the employee must notify his/her supervisor in writing two weeks before they leave. Besides, he or she should provide the appropriate documentation as evidence of such exams. The term “official examinations” denotes school exams for preparatory, secondary, Thanaweya Amma certificates or equivalent and the University exams for degree programs.

Procedure for Support Staff Members
Department administrators are required to set leave plans for all employees who should meet the department’s work requirements and fulfill the employees’ leave entitlements. Departments should try to accommodate individual preferences whenever feasible. 

Annual Leave Request 
Annual leave will be granted only by a written request submitted in advance and approved by the department chair or administrative director. The University retains the right to either accept or refuse such applications for leave, under work conditions prevalent at the time, without prejudice and within the limits of the law.  The leave form request, after approval by the chair or director, will be submitted to the concerned administrative assistant to update on SAP. By the beginning of each month, a monthly annual leave report with the attached leave requests, signed by the director, is to be sent to the Office of Human Resources for review. Should the actual leave days be changed from what was already processed and recorded at the Office of Human Resources, a leave form with the correct dates is to be issued and the one previously submitted withdrawn.