The units associated with the facilities side of F&O are maintenance, environmental services and engineering projects at AUC New Cairo and the facilities and services group at AUC Tahrir Square.

Maintenance operates and maintains heating ventilation and air-conditioning, electrical, and plumbing equipment and systems as well as carpentry and painting maintenance services to all of the AUC New Cairo  facilities. The department provides repair and alteration services, on a charge back basis, to all university departments.

Environmental Services provides Custodial services, and Grounds maintenance for the parking lots, streets, sidewalks, and the Avenue; plus trash removal and recycling operations. Landscape maintenance is provided by the Desert Development Center and is not a part of F&O organization. Environmental Services also operates the mail service, and support services provides moving services as well as set-up service for events scheduled at AUC New Cairo.

Engineering Projects provides architectural and engineering services, facilities master planning, space management and utilization data, capital program planning, real estate management, construction contract management, and large scale building alterations, renovations, code compliance, and construction for both the AUC New Cairo and AUC Tahrir Square.

Facilities and services provides all of the services noted above, including food service oversight at AUC Tahrir Square.