Office of Athletics

About the Office

The Office of Athletics offers quality athletic activities and learning opportunities to all students. Its programs promote a healthy lifestyle, discipline, teamwork and leadership development, as well as high standards of ethical conduct and sportsmanship. The sports program emphasizes health and enjoyment through recreation, fitness, competitions and sound physical habits. Read More



Sports for All

  • We serve the entire AUC community, mainly the students, faculty and staff.
  • Sports equipment is available for every kind of sport for checkout free of charge at the control desk near the locker rooms.
  • The athletics office provides aerobics classes for everyone (nine different types of classes plus fitness and healthy lifestyle).
  • We supervise the gym and provide special programs focusing on weight loss, body building, fitness, endurance and fitness therapy for injuries, which are accessible to students, staff and faculty members.
  • We organize activities for students and staff including mini-marathons, the chest press competition, the rowing machine competition and the transformation challenge program.  We also host a physical fitness tests for all students to test their fitness progress. These tests take place twice each semester, and the three highest scoring students are honored in the annual awards ceremony.

Intramural Activities

  • We arrange student tournaments and competitions between teams or schools.
  • We organize and manage sports days for University departments (Student Union, the Office of Human Resources, alumni sports day, the School of Business, the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, the Career Center, the Security Office, and the Office of Facilities and Operations).
  • We organize and manage staff soccer tournaments for all University departments.

Community Services

  • We host and organize events, sports days and tournaments for the Egyptian Universities Sports Federation (local and international) and for organizations including the Special Olympics and Hospital 57357.

Sessions and Schools for Beginners

  • We deal with specialized centers and academies for scuba diving, swimming and tennis to put together special programs for members of the AUC community at special low rates.