Registration During Drop and Add Week

Do I have the right to choose the faculty member or the day and time of my RHET section?

Students have the opportunity to register online themselves on Banner Self-Service before the semester begins. As long as there are spaces available students have the right to exercise their choices. However, once sections are closed or there is a serious inequality in distribution between sections, the department reserves the right to register students wherever there are places irrespective of the faculty member teaching the section. Every effort is made to accommodate student schedules but occasionally a less than perfect schedule may have to be accepted. Section changes can only be made by the RHET administrators or staff.

Can I enter any RHET section if I get a signed consent form from the faculty teaching the section I want?

Consent forms are only acceptable for the 3000 and 4000-level courses. In the case of the RHET1010, CORE1010 and RHET1020 courses, the department doesn’t accept consent forms in order to treat the distribution of students fairly.

If the department for any reason switches the faculty member teaching a particular course section, do I have the right to switch also?
The department reserves the right to switch faculty members as departmental needs arise. These changes are usually made before classes start. If students want to switch on Banner Self-Service and they find places, they may do so. However, once class sections are closed, students do not have the automatic right to switch their sections.

How can the department assist me during drop and add week?
If you are a newly admitted freshmen and you don’t have Banner or online registration access, the department is obliged to assist you whenever needed. For students who have access to the Banner Self-Service registration system the department only needs to be involved when there are cases of holds in registrations, pre-requisites or time clashes. Students may then request to be changed provided that the required section has vacancies, otherwise the department will decide where the student is most appropriately placed.