Arabic Language Clases

All Arabic language credit classes at AUC are administered and taught by the ALNG unit in the Department of Arabic Language Instruction. The courses are offered during the fall, spring and summer semesters. In addition, some courses are also offered in an intensive three-week winter session.

The unit offers its courses to cater to the needs of degree-seeking and study-abroad/nondegree students.

Degree Students

  • Undergraduate Students
    • Since the University is set in an Arabic-language speaking milieu, it expects each student to have an appropriate knowledge of the Arabic language. Thus, all undergraduate full-time students entering AUC may be required to take up to two courses in Elementary Modern Standard Arabic to meet the University’s Arabic-language requirement for their bachelor's degrees. Exemption and required number of courses are based upon the results of the placement exam. For more details on Arabic-language requirements for undergraduate students, please click here.
  • Middle East Studies Students
    • The ALNG unit provides students who are enrolled in the Middle East diploma and Master of Arts students with courses that enable them to demonstrate proficiency in Modern Standard Arabic. Based on the requirements, which are outlined in the AUC catalog, the required level of proficiency is tested through a placement exam administered by the ALNG unit. 
  • Arabic Studies Students
    • ALNG courses enable students at the Arabic studies department to reach an acceptable level of proficiency in advanced literary Arabic.

Undergraduate students who do not hold a thanawiya amma degree may each attain proficiency in Arabic either by completing ALNG 312 (or an equivalent) or by taking the placement exam, which is administered by the ALNG unit.  

Graduate students who wish to be eligible for the MA degree in Arabic studies may establish their Arabic proficiency by completing ALNG 201.

Study Abroad and Nondegree Students

Applicants who are not seeking an AUC degree, but wishing to take AUC courses for academic credit may be admitted as  nondegree students if they meet the minimum requirements for AUC admission. AUC is both a U.S.-accredited institution, and one recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education in Egypt. Therefore, degree-seeking students at other recognized institutions who wish to augment their education by enrolling for a period of time at AUC are welcome to take ALNG courses. The courses will fulfill their needs as semester-abroad and year-abroad students, along with their regular courses.