I. Institutional Financial Aid
II. Deferred Payment


Institutional financial aid is a grant offered by AUC to provide partial tuition reduction for students, who demonstrate financial need to attend AUC or who joined AUC and face some financial difficulties in paying their tuition fees.

Who can apply for institutional financial aid?

Any student can apply for financial aid if he/she meets the following criteria:

  1. Adhere to the admission requirements of AUC.
  2. Demonstrate financial need through the financial aid application form.
  3. Be a degree-seeking student.
  4. Be in good academic standing (not on probation). GPA should not be less than 2.00 for returning undergraduate students or 3.00 for graduate students.
  5. Maintain a full-time status (not less than 12 credit hours per semester). This condition is for undergraduate students only; graduate students can maintain a part-time status.

How can I apply for financial aid?

For more information about the steps to apply for financial aid, click here.

For financial aid tips, click here

What documents should I submit?  

You must submit official documents concerning your family’s income or your income if you are financing your education yourself. Also, if you have siblings who are studying at other universities or schools, you must submit certificates of their tuition fees for the last academic year including the bus fees (receipts are not accepted).  If your family also has high medical expenses, you should attach the related supporting documents.

For more details about other documents, click here.

How can I upload my documents?

For details about the uploading process, click here.  

What if I did not upload any documents?

Students must upload their documents in the online financial aid application. Applications that are missing the required documents will not be processed.

Do I need to submit new documents each time I apply for renewal?

Yes, you need to provide updated documents reflecting the necessary information for the previous year.

Which year needs to be stated on the supporting documents submitted for my application?

Supporting documents such as parent’s net annual income or siblings schooling certificates need to be clearly referenced for the previous year and not the current year. For example, if you are applying for the fall 2018 semester, you will have to submit documents for 2017.

What is the coverage period for the financial aid award?

Financial aid covers one academic year fall to spring and not spring to fall. For example, students who apply in the fall 2018 semester, the award would probably be applied for fall 2018 and spring 2019 semesters. For those who apply in the spring 2019 semester, the award would be applied for one semester only. You will need to apply for renewal each academic year if you continue to demonstrate financial need. Summer and winter semesters are not covered by financial aid.

Why wasn't my application considered although it was successfully submitted?

If you have submitted your application without uploading the necessary documents your application will be incomplete and will not be considered. In addition, failure to correctly complete your application will result in the rejection of your application. 

What happens if after submitting the income certificate for my parent, the income suddenly drops? What do I do?

You need to communicate with the financial aid team via email finaid@aucegypt.edu to reconsider your case. Supporting documents will need to be submitted.

I have submitted my parent/guardian income letter; why was it rejected?

  • You need to make sure that the letter clearly states the net annual income after deducting taxes and social insurance and including bonuses, incentives and profit shares.
  • The annual income should reflect that of the previous year, not the current year.
  • Private business owners should get the income document from a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).
  • Parent/guardian employed in a company should get an official letter from the human resources department.

What documents are required if I have siblings currently at school?

Proof of siblings school enrollment letter, including their annual tuition for the previous academic year as well as bus transportation fees. No receipts will be accepted.

What documents are required regarding family savings?

We will require a hand-written declaration signed by the parent/guardian stating the family’s total savings and the annual interest built upon those savings. No bank statements are required. 

How do I get the proof of unemployment letter for my parent/guardian and do they have to request it in person?

You can get the proof of unemployment letter from any branch of the “Social Insurance Office." Your parent/guardian does not need to be present in person to request the letter, any member can place the request on their behalf as long as they present a valid ID or birth certificate of your parent/guardian. The letter is issued by the office on the same day.

I heard that my parents would be required for an interview. Is this true?

In most cases, parents are called for a meeting in the office or by phone, to have the chance to clarify their financial need and explain any unclear information provided in the application.

I uploaded my documents. Do I still need to submit the original copies of the income?

Parents may be requested to submit original copies of their income during the financial aid interview.

How do I know that my parents have an appointment with the financial aid staff member?

The financial aid office usually sends emails to the registered email addresses on the system for both students and their parents with the date of the meeting. It is important that the students and parents check their emails regularly for any updates from our office.

What if my parents did not show up for the meeting?

Failure to show up for the interview or submit the required documents by the assigned deadline would give the office the right to disregard the aid application.

I received an email notifying me that my application will not be processed this semester since my parents did not show up for the meeting nor submitted the required documents. However, I did not receive an email to state any requirements in the first place, nor did my parents. I need to know why?

Both students and their parents receive email notifications on their personal emails from the Office of Student Financial Affairs and Scholarships for any additional requirements. Therefore, it is necessary that both students and their parents update their email addresses on Banner Self-Service to ensure that they are receiving office notifications.

I have a problem editing my financial aid application, as it is previously submitted in the fall semester, thus I kindly request editing my application form with updated documents.

You can not access the Fall application during the following spring semester if you had already submitted the application for the fall semester because the decision is for one academic year (Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 as an example). You can apply for the following academic year (starting Fall 2018 in this case) within the assigned dates that are announced on the website. 

Can I amend or modify my application after submission, after the deadline?

No, once you submit your application you cannot make any changes. Please make sure to carefully review the information and numbers provided as well as the uploaded documents prior to submitting your application.  

Why was my application rejected although I have submitted the same information and documents as last year?

Application decisions are subject to updated criteria, overall assessment of student needs and committee consideration.

How do I get notified about the financial aid decision?

The financial aid office sends online letters to the students through their emails with the financial aid committee’s decisions.

What could be the reasons to “reject” my application?

Your application may be rejected if:

  • You have missing documents or information
  • Student or parent have missed a scheduled interview
  • You did not demonstrate financial need as per the information provided in your application and the supporting documents
  • Unreliable, contradictory or unclear information provided in your application
  • You did not clarify the information that you were requested to clarify
  • You did not press submit after any amendment, so it is considered incomplete.

How can I appeal the amount received or the award decision?

You need to complete the “Appeal Form” available on Banner self-service through this link. You have one week following the announcement of results to appeal. Make sure to demonstrate any changes in your financial situation to support your request.

What is the next step if my appeal is rejected?

You can apply for the following semester provided that you demonstrate need or if your financial situation has changed. You need to ensure that you have submitted all necessary documents; highlighting any changes in your financial status and clearly stating the reasons for applying for the new semester. 

Is there financial aid for the summer and winter sessions?

No, financial aid is granted during the summer session or winter sessions.

Does the financial aid cover the dorms fees?

Financial aid covers academic tuition fees only. 


When can I apply for financial aid?

Every semester (fall/spring), there is a starting date to apply. Please check the financial aid calendar for more details.

What if I missed the application deadline?

If you have missed the Fall application deadline you can apply for the Spring semester.

In case of unexpected emergencies such as; death, sudden layoff from jobs for parent/guardian, etc. you may send an email to finaid@aucegypt.edu explaining the emergency. Supporting documents of the incident need to be submitted as evidence. 

I discovered that my application is considered “Incomplete” while I am sure I did click the “Submit” button and uploaded. What could be the problem?

Students must click the "Submit" button after filling out their application and every time they log in to view or edit their application. Otherwise, their application will not be considered.

I was surprised to find out that I did not apply for aid in the first place, while I am sure that I did fill in the application and it was successfully sent. I don’t understand why?

You probably chose the wrong type of application. For example, you might have chosen the scholarship application instead. Also, it is very important to pay attention to the academic year as well as the category of the student applying, whether undergraduate or graduate. 

I am trying to access my financial aid application on Banner Self-Service, however; I am unable to find it. Why?

If you have already started your application and want to go back to complete filling it out, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Student Awards and Financial Aid, then click on View My Applications
  2. You should be able to find your financial aid application
  3. Click on view/modify found next to your application
  4. Choose to view/modify sections
  5. Start filling in all sections

I tried uploading my documents but faced technical errors. How can I resolve the issue?

Should you face any technical difficulties during the application process please email your issue to support@aucegypt.edu and make sure to include a screenshot of the problem.

We advise students to apply earlier during the application period and not wait until they approach the deadline to allow enough time to resolve any technical difficulties that could arise during the submission process.

Is the financial aid awarded as a percentage of the total tuition fees or is it a fixed amount?

The institutional financial aid is a fixed amount awarded for undergraduates each academic year. The exact amount given varies, depending on each individual case.

If I am taking an overload, does the financial aid cover the extra credits?

Financial aid is a flat amount that is applied to the normal load only. No financial aid is offered for extra credits.

If I have a sibling or more at AUC, do we receive an automatic discount?

There are no discounts for siblings at AUC. However, you can apply for institutional financial aid. Financial aid will be determined based on committee consideration of the demonstrated need.

What are the benchmarks used in distributing financial aid amounts?

Every year AUC establishes standard benchmarks for evaluating and assessing financial need. There is no minimum or maximum income requirement for financial aid. Each application is evaluated individually and on a case-by-case basis. Benchmarks are reviewed every year based on the inflation rate, tuition, siblings’ education expenses, and University guidelines.

What happens to my financial aid if I withdraw or study abroad for one semester?

Students who do not attend the university for one semester have to email the financial aid at finaid@aucegypt.edu  to review the status of their financial aid awards before the assigned deadline of the financial aid application for their readmission/registration semester.

I have been awarded financial aid; however, it was NOT credited to my account this semester. Why?

Financial aid depends on specified criteria namely:

  • You must maintain a GPA not less than 2.0
  • You must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester (i.e. maintain full-time status)
  • You must  renew your application

I registered for less than 12 credit hours, and my financial aid did not appear. Does this mean that I have been rejected?

Financial aid is given to full-time students with 12 or more credit hours. Once you successfully register for your courses the financial aid will automatically appear on your account. Only if you are a graduating senior, your financial aid will be applied in proportion to the remaining registered courses.

I registered for 12 or more credit hours and then withdrew from a course(s) following the drop/add deadline. Do I still receive my financial aid amount fully?

Withdrawing from course(s) initially registered will result in the adjustment of your financial aid amount in proportion to your current billing hours.

I am a graduating student this semester with part-time enrollment. Why didn’t I receive my financial aid?

Graduating students even if part-time receive financial aid; however, our office needs to receive the final list of graduating students from the Office of the Registrar before disbursing the aid amounts.

I am expected to graduate this semester and while paying my upcoming tuition installment I noticed that the financial aid amount has been reduced. Why was the amount reduced after the drop/add period and not before?

Prior to the drop/add period you received the initial amount you have been entitled to; however following the drop/add period and as a graduating senior (last semester to graduate), you were registered for less than 12 credit hours causing a partial adjustment to the amount in proportion to your registered credit hours.

I am expected to graduate and while paying my upcoming tuition installment I discovered that I did not receive the financial aid amount. Why was the amount not received?

Following the drop/add period we received the final expected to graduate student list from the Office of the Registrar and noted that you are registered for less than 12 credit hours and not a graduating senior (last semester to graduate). Accordingly, your financial aid has been canceled for the semester.

Why did I receive a lower financial aid amount than my sibling?

You could be receiving other scholarship awards such as achievement or sports scholarship awards which are taken into consideration when reviewing the applications. Another factor is the admission year of the student.

Why did I receive a lower financial aid amount than my colleague although we live in the same standards?

All applications submitted are reviewed and analyzed on a case-by-case basis and final decisions are made by the concerned committee based on student need demonstrated, information provided and supporting documents. In addition, you could be receiving other scholarship awards such as achievement or sports scholarship awards which are also taken into consideration when reviewing the applications.

AUC is committed to equally serving our students and accordingly, we have specific standards and rules that are fair to all students. We ensure equality in all decisions based on the documents and information provided by the student.

Why do I not receive notifications from the Financial Aid Office? Can I be added to the mailing list?

Our office does not have a mailing list of students. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the Student Services Centre (SSC) to ensure that email addresses provided for both student and parent are accurate.

Why doesn’t the Financial Aid office send announcements or notifications regarding the application dates and deadlines?

We announce important dates and deadlines on the website, portal and via “News@AUC” which are the university’s official communication channels. Reminders are also sent before deadlines through the AUC portal.

Where is the Financial Aid office located?

The Office of Student Financial Affairs and Scholarships is located in Hamza Al Khouli Building (where the Admissions department is located) on the 2nd floor. You will need to request a pass from the security located in the Student Service Center on the Plaza level.

Who takes the final decision on the financial aid being awarded?

A designated University committee comprised of senior management members reviews and decides on the awards. Decisions are based on thorough needs assessment demonstrated through the application and documents submitted, professional judgment and University financial aid guidelines and benchmarks.

AUC strongly trusts the integrity of our students and parents, and we are confident that in return they trust that our judgment and decisions are in the best interest of our entire student community. 

Can students be part of the financial aid award committee?

Financial aid applications submitted by students include confidential student and parent information that should not be shared with unofficial entities. This is to protect and respect student privacy and confidentiality of information and to avoid any conflict of interest. Students, however, can be part of the advisory board where strategic and statistical information and data can be shared, and they can provide advice and recommendations.

If two AUC siblings are applying for financial aid, can they submit only one application for both?

No. Each sibling should fill his own separate application and mention his sibling AUC ID in it.

Once I start filling my application, can I save my answers and continue it later?

Yes, once you start filling your application, you can save your answers and continue later. Make sure to press on the "save and continue" button. Do not submit your application unless you have filled out all fields and uploaded your required documents. 

Do new students need to wait until they receive AUC acceptance to apply for financial aid?

No, they don’t have to wait. New / prospective students can apply for financial aid once they submit their admission application and have an AUC ID number.

Can newly admitted students apply for the deferred payment?

Yes, newly admitted students can pay in two installments, 70 percent of the tuition fees must be paid on or before the deadline stated in the admission’s acceptance letter, the balance must be paid by November 20 for the fall semester, and April 6 for the spring semester. For more details about deferred payments, click here.  

How can I apply for deferred payment?

For more information, click here

Is there a deferred payment in the summer Semester?

Yes, there is deferred payment in two installments in summer semester.

Is there a deferred payment in winter Semester?

No, there is no deferred payment for the winter semester.

Do I pay extra fees for paying in installments?

No, there is no extra or administration fees added to your tuition for deferred payment.

Can I pay in more than two installments?

Yes, you can apply online for deferred payment in three installments.

What are the deadlines for the payments deferred on three installments?

For deadlines click here.

There is no deferred payment on three installments for the summer semester.

What if I fail to pay by the mentioned deadlines?

According to the University’s regulations, you will not be allowed to sit for your final exams at the end of the semester, or select courses for subsequent semesters as a financial hold and a registration hold will be put on your account.

What if I added an extra course or lab fees after paying the first installment?

Any additional charges resulting from adding extra credit hours, lab fees, medical insurance fees or any other fee will be added automatically to the second installment.