About Nadia Younes

Nadia Younes was an exceptional human being who made outstanding efforts throughout her life to further international humanitarian affairs around the world. An incredibly charismatic person, Nadia was and will remain an excellent role model for generations of young and aspiring Egyptians and Arabs.

Nadia’s unique, 30-year career at the United Nations allowed her to combine her organizational skills with her passion for humanitarian assistance. Her media savvy made her a natural for the Department of Public Information, where she spent the majority of her career. Later, as chief of protocol, she managed 150 heads of state for the Millennium Summit. After spending many years at the UN Secretariat headquarters in New York, Nadia expanded her horizons with stints in Rome, Kosovo, Geneva and Baghdad, bringing her dynamic and energetic personality to each new role.

Nadia Younes died in the 2003 bombing of the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq.

A Meaningful Tribute to a Remarkable Life


The Nadia Younes Memorial Fund was established in honor and memory of Nadia Younes, who was tragically killed in the bombing of the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad on August 19, 2003, while serving as chief of staff to Sérgio Vieira de Mello. A fund was set up in conjunction with AUC that has funded the establishment of the Nadia Younes Conference Room at AUC’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences, which serves Cairo International Model United Nations members, as well as the Nadia Younes Annual Lecture, hosted by the University. With a global reputation for educating generations of leaders in business, science, media and the humanities in Egypt and the Middle East, AUC is committed to quality education, intellectual freedom and recognition of the work and lifetime contributions of individuals whose accomplishments uphold its mandate to teach, lead and serve. The Nadia Younes Memorial Fund is the University’s way of commemorating Nadia Younes’ achievements and contributions that will continue to guide and inspire the youth of Egypt and the region for generations to come. By supporting education, the fund honors her legacy, and AUC’s place as an international crossroads provides the ideal arena to promote her life’s work and passion.

Bringing the World to Cairo


Through its lectures, conferences, cultural events and extracurricular activities, AUC hosts some of the world’s most distinguished academics and dignitaries, emerging as an exceptional venue for intellectual activity in Egypt. The Nadia Younes Memorial Lecture has, over the years, hosted a broad range of speakers from the world of global affairs. The ethos of the Memorial Lecture Series is to provide a global perspective on issues affecting Egypt and the Middle East and to provide prescriptive solutions to these problems.

Forever Making a Statement


The Nadia Younes Conference Room at AUC New Cairo is the meeting place for Model United Nations (MUN) and Model Arab League (MAL) members. A plaque with the name of Nadia Younes adorns the entrance of the conference and meeting room. This 88-squaremeter space can accommodate up to 50 individuals on a daily basis and is accessible to students and faculty, as well as MUN and MAL members. This room also serves as a venue for graduate and undergraduate students majoring in international relations and political science to meet, discuss and debate current events.



Nadia Younes 1946 - 2003

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