Media Coverage

Media Relations and Coverage

We are a team of communications and media specialists who write about and diligently seek media coverage for the outstanding achievements of our campus community – acting as a liaison between the University and the media. Contact the Media Relations unit for all types of media support. These are the services we provide: 

Advisories and Releases

We draft advisories (invitations to media members to attend an event) and press releases for news and events from AUC’s schools, departments, centers and offices. For media advisory requests, you can fill this Media Advisory Form

If you would like us to invite the media to your upcoming event or need our assistance in drafting or reviewing your event’s press release, please make sure to send us your request at least 15 days before the event. 

Press Conferences, Media Invitations and Interviews 

The Media Relations unit arranges press conferences and media roundtable discussions, covering breaking news and current topics. We also invite members of the media to our University events and arrange TV interviews on campus and in studios. We are available to assist media members and their crews acquire the necessary security permits to access AUC's campuses. 

Services for Media Representatives

The unit provides media representatives with the following services:

News Releases

Browse our recent news releases, or search for old releases in our news archive.

Find an Expert

The Media Relations unit can assist you in finding experts who will comment on news stories. Reporters can also search for faculty members and experts by department affiliations.

Information and Contacts 

Contact a member of our team for information about AUC or a University event. To contact a media relations team member, click  here

Media Interviews

We arrange media interviews with AUC experts for both TV and print publications. Contact us to find experts in various fields, to schedule an interview or to secure access to either of our campuses.

We arrange for internal transportation through campus for TV crews and their equipment. We also prepare the set and facilitate the admittance of TV equipment onto campus.

Additionally, the unit assists crews by facilitating talks with AUC students who would like to share their opinions on various topics and issues. TV crews are advised to contact the unit at least one week before the desired shooting date.

Photography Guidelines

Our unit assists media photographers with obtaining original shots of AUC’s campuses, faculty, staff and students when appropriate. Contact us to arrange a photo shoot


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