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Marketing and Social Media Consulting

The marketing team is the powerhouse behind the University’s pioneering marketing campaigns, focused on strategies that ensure as many people as possible know about the AUC brand and what it stands for. 

The Marketing Unit manages AUC’s official social media channels, where our University milestones and special moments are digitally commemorated. We keep these channels filled with relevant information, so that audiences from around the world can stay up to date on what’s happening at AUC, get insights into the unique AUC experience, learn about alumni impacting our globe, enjoy student success stories and follow our community outreach activities. 

Our team will help you promote your academic achievements, research breakthroughs or special events and initiatives on the relevant AUC social media channels so you can reach the widest possible audience or target a specific group. Send us a request for your social media post two weeks in advance to allow enough time for review. We are also responsible for deciding which posts make it onto the social media calendar — based on their degree of alignment with AUC’s strategic objectives. If your request does not meet the selection criteria, our team will provide you with feedback and guide you on how to hit the mark in future posts. 

Reach out to us for consultations on marketing strategies and social media activity on your pages, and we will direct your efforts so that you can achieve your goals more efficiently and ensure you are abiding by University guidelines and following social media best practices. 

Learn about AUC’s social media policy here.


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