Digital Communications

Digital Communications and Website Development

About to launch a new initiative? Want to better serve your online audiences? Looking to revamp your existing website? We are here to help you create or enhance your online presence.

Our team of digital communicators are experts in information architecture, website structures and design, web usability, Arabic outreach, Google analytics reporting, web optimization and technical support. We manage all of AUC’s public-facing websites, making sure that every page follows the University’s brand standards and the best practices for web. 

Whether you need us to design and build your new website, update your existing one, or create a webpage for you within the AUC domain, we can help you better connect with your audiences to achieve all your online goals.

    Request a Service

    1. New website creation on any of the above mentioned databases
    2. Existing website revamp
    3. New webpage creation or updating an existing page
    4. Approval of a user’s submission
    5. Technical support to all users, including Google Analytics reports generation and pixels installation
    6. Training sessions on how to use the website backend
    7. Creation of webpages for Arabic websites
    • For service requests, submit the website services form. You will receive an automated reply with the expected timeline of implementation, or you will be contacted by a digital communications team member. 
    • For requests to create a new website or revamp an old one, a meeting will be held to discuss things such as the main goals of the website, its target audience, the best location on the website, structure and layout, the project timeline and a maintenance plan.
    • Approvals of submissions are handled through an automated system that users are trained on.

    Website Creation Timeline

    The timeline for a website creation depends on the volume of website content and the complexity of the requirements.

    The timeline for creating a 10-page website, upon approval of the content structure, would look like this:

    • Designing the homepage: 5 working days
    • Creation of landing pages and content entry: 5 working days

    *** The user creates the basic pages.

    • Website content editing and review: 3 working days
    • Approval and website launch: 2 working days

    Important Notes

    • All AUC websites follow a consistent template. They use the same content types and have the same masthead, footer and navigation location.
    • Content published on an AUC website must follow the AUC Copyright Policy
    • Content published on an AUC website abide by the AUC editorial and branding guidelines.
    • Full-time faculty profiles link to the main faculty directory. Faculty profile updates are centrally administrated by the Office of the Provost.
    • Program content links directly to the AUC catalog. This includes the majors and minors lists, program requirements and course listings. Content about a program’s accreditation statement, educational objectives and student outcomes should be in alignment with what is included in the University catalog. Catalog updates are centrally administrated by the Office of the Provost. Departments are urged to send a catalog change form to the Senate during change cycles.
    • Admission deadlines link to the catalog.
    • Conference websites link to their respective external websites (not the AUC website). To create a conference website, contact AUC’s IT Excellence Office.
    • All events should be submitted to AUC Connect first. 

    University Website Guidelines

    The Digital Communications unit sets high standards for its services and has worked hard to establish guidelines governing the University's website.

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