Creative Services

Creative Services

Need help creating or reprinting your promotional material? Have an outdated publication that needs an image makeover? The Creative Services Unit is your one-stop shop for print and digital communications that effectively convey the University brand. We are AUC’s in-house branding agency, promoting our office’s editorial and graphic standards for AUC publications. 

Let us help bring your projects to life with messaging that will make your audiences take notice. Our creative team weaves compelling copy and contemporary design to develop communications that engage and inspire. We are expert graphic designers, editors, writers and project managers, providing creative services for a wide range of print and web University collateral, including on-campus branding material, signage projects, social media posts and web banners, presentations, brochures, flyers and e-vites, and all sorts of event promotion material. We could also create your new office logo and stationery, your team’s business cards and more.

Request a Service

  • Create publications or promotional materials (print or electronic)
  • Review promotional materials (schools are encouraged to review their own event-related material)
  • Update or reprint of previous publications

To create a publication, submit a Communication Services Form

For inquiries, email 


  • Submit your requests with the final text in a Word document.
  • Upon request submission, you will receive an autoreply with an estimated project delivery time. The delivery estimates are in working days, excluding weekends and holidays. 
  • Generally, deadlines are divided into two phases: text editing and design. The design deadline is only set after the client approves the edited text.
    • For large projects, such as brochures and handbooks, the text is reviewed to ensure it abides by AUC’s Editorial Style Guide. The text is then sent to the client for approval. When approved, the project moves on to the design phase.
    • For small projects, such as flyers and posters, the project goes into the editorial and design phases at the same time.
    • For projects larger than 16 pages, deadlines are handled on a case-by-case basis, with a maximum of 35 working days.
    • For projects with three or more elements, deadlines may be adjusted.
  • A client who fails to respond with feedback within the designated time frame is subjected to a new project deadline. If the same client repeatedly fails to respond within the designated time frame, further action will be taken.
  • You will receive your project in a PDF or JPEG file format.
  • We do not complete or update artwork created by a freelance designer or agency.
  • For project updates that are more than an A4 page of text, changes will be considered a new project.
  • Deadlines may be adjusted during busy periods.
  • After the client’s approval, to proceed with printing: 
    • The designer sends the file to the print shop for printing, and the client will receives a notification.
    • The client is responsible for submitting either an Online Job Order Form for in-house digital printing or a SAP requisition number for all other projects that are printed off campus. 


For a detailed list of project deadlines, click here.

Useful Resources


    • AUC Store Stationery: To order envelopes, folders, notepads, block notes, pens, standard University-wide forms and paper bags, contact Karam Kilany at or extension t 20.2615.4165.

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