Student standing in front of AUC logo

AUC Brand

Our University’s unique visual identity is what immediately distinguishes the AUC brand, making it recognizable among other institutions. Every building, sign, website or publication is easy to identify as belonging to Egypt’s global University. 

Our team is the official guardian of AUC's graphic identity and brand standards. We have developed the University's Branding Manual, which displays the different elements of our brand and how they work together to form our visual identity. It provides a set of guidelines for anyone using AUC’s branding elements (colors, fonts, icons, etc.), including writers, designers or anyone producing communications or products for or on behalf of AUC. So, every time we design a logo for your office or create promotional material for your event, we consistently stick to our branding guidelines.

All academic, research, outreach, student services and administrative functions are required to follow the brand manual’s guidelines to ensure that our University maintains a professional and consistent image.

A central element of our brand identity is the AUC logo, which features intersecting pentagons as a key design component. The historic pentagons represent a remarkable point in AUC’s history when President Christopher Thoron and illustrator Naim Fahmi introduced AUC’s first emblem that contained the pentagons which shaped our first logo in 1970.

When AUC celebrated its 100th anniversary, a centennial logo was created to be used on all celebration print and digital material. The design featured the intersecting pentagons in the heart of the number 100, signifying motion that goes beyond the first hundred years of our history — which reflects the very reason why these pentagons were first chosen by Thoron and Fahmi as they thought it gave thoughts of motion.