Message from the Dean

Dear AUC students,

Welcome! Whether you are a new or continuing student, Egyptian or international, degree- or non-degree-seeking, you are a valued part of our campus community.

I am privileged to serve as AUC’s Dean of Students in the Area of the Vice President for Student Life. My role is to focus on students holistically and support them throughout their time on campus, with the ultimate goal of seeing each student succeed.

Something for Everyone

AUC provides an impressive variety of academic and non-academic offerings to cater to the most diverse student body in the region, with students from all over the globe. From classes in the liberal arts that ask you to question what you know to be accurate, to student organizations that build both interpersonal and professional skills, there are opportunities to take intellectual risks and step a bit outside of the comfort zone for every student. I encourage you to experience all that our campus has to offer: play a sport, join a student club, serve as a student ambassador, represent AUC in a national or international competition, join a branch of our student government, or teach in the local community. For those of you who like to create, our laboratories and studios have what you need to experiment with your ideas: from ceramics ovens to 3-D printers.

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe

Our community places high importance on health and well-being. Our Center for Student Wellbeing, which offers counseling and well-being services and support for disabilities, is open from 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Sunday to Thursday. Reservations to talk to a licensed counselor or disability services professional can be made at (+2)- 02-2615-3906 or at AUC is fortunate to have an on-board licensed psychiatrist, and students benefit from the low wait-times for seeing a member of our team of qualified professionals.

Physical Fitness Focus

Through donations from generous supporters and friends, our AUC Sports Center contains a football and track stadium, an Olympic swimming pool, a state of the art gym, a tennis complex, and courts for many other sports. We encourage you to use and enjoy the facilities, adopt healthy eating habits, get an adequate amount of sleep, and work with us to keep AUC tobacco-free. As an AUCian, feel secure in knowing that you have great health coverage through our cost-effective mandatory plan. Our Office of Medical Services, located in the Campus Center, offers physical exams by appointment, outpatient services, pharmacy dispensing, and round the clock emergency medical treatment. For appointments: (+2)-02-2615-3907 and for emergencies: (+2)-02-2615-4000.

Safety and Security

Safety and security are also AUC priorities. Our highly trained staff safeguard all AUC facilities against fire and other safety hazards and provide a secure environment on campus for students and other members of our community. Our professional security staff is here to help you. For security emergencies, call (+2) 02-2615-4444.

Be Tolerant, and Expect the Same

Our diverse experiences and backgrounds add strength and value to the AUC student body. Don’t shy from expressing your opinions, however different, but allow others the same freedom. As an institution that promotes civil discourse, we encourage you to be confident in your convictions but recognize others’ rights to their thoughts and beliefs.

Give of Your Time and Talents

Identify what inspires you to want to make a difference at AUC, in our Cairo community, or elsewhere. Learn how to manage your time effectively so that you maximize your AUC experience both in and outside the classroom.

The Office of the Dean of Students, located in the Campus Center, is committed to helping you manage all of this and more. We are also here for you if you encounter an unexpected obstacle along the way. It is our job to help you to navigate your time here and finish successfully smoothly.

I invite you to read more about our Vision, Mission, and plans to serve all AUC students and to familiarize yourself with the many programs and services the Office of the Dean of Students provides for you.

Best wishes and good luck. We are excited to have you among us.


George Marquis, PhD

Dean of Students