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Keep up-to-date with all the latest AUC news
CBC Interview

Sustainable Community Rooftop Garden in an Informal Cairo neighborhood

AUC graduate students Omar Abdelkader and Menna Mansour, both pursuing a Master of Science in sustainable development, were interviewed on CBC TV channel for their work on establishing a sustainable community rooftop garden in an informal Cairo neighborhood. 

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J-PAL at AUC Partners with UNICEF, Uses Evidence-Based Methods to Reduce Poverty

The Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab at AUC (J-PAL) is partnering with UNICEF Egypt to host the first Global Evidence for Egypt seminar titled “Overcoming Youth Unemployment in Egypt: What We Can Learn from Randomized Evaluations.”

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AUC-RiseUp Summit Partnership in Centennial Year

RiseUp Summit is coming to AUC New Cairo for the first time and is expected to attract 8,000-10,000 people, representing 60 countries. Startups and speakers from all around the world will be on campus from December 5 to 7 to conduct talks and workshops, and to inspire young entrepreneurs.

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AUC in Motion

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Battling Irritable Bowel Disease

Can Irritable Bowel Disease be treated? Ahmed Mustafa, associate professor of bioinformatics at AUC, researches the connection between the human gut microbiome and IBD. Through a project conducted in collaboration with Human Longevity Inc, J. Craig Venter Institute and the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine, Mustafa found significant detections that can help create a probiotic to treat, or at least reduce the severity of, IBD.

Videogames: A Blessing or a Curse?

Studies often show that video games have harmful effects on children. The research of Dina Bassiouni, assistant professor of marketing at the AUC School of Business, takes a different stance. Bassiouni talks about her research on children's engagement with computer and video games from developmental, social and educational perspectives, and whether such engagement can be beneficial.

Faculty Spotlight: Tina Jaskolski

Meet Tina Jaskolski, assistant professor in the School of Sciences and Engineering and associate director of CARES, and learn about her favorite part of her job, what projects she is currently working on and more.


Amir El Shenawy

Amir El-Shenawy '13 won two CineGouna SpringBoard awards at the El Gouna Film Festival 2019 for producing the film, The Fountain of BakhchisaraiEl-Shenawy is heading to Los Angeles, California to begin a production residency in April 2020. Read more about his career and the award-winning film here.


Yasmin Elayat ’04 (YAB ’02) Computer Science, Winner of an Emmy Award for Outstanding New Approaches: Documentary as the director of Zero Days VR (Sundance Film Festival 2017).

Mohamed Zaghoo

“My success is partly AUC’s success, and in many ways, my story, however not the most typical, is another AUC story” Mohamed Zaghoo ’08, Lead Scholar, AUC.




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Making History Again

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