Available Offices

The Presidential Associates Program begins with an orientation that is scheduled for early September. The first day of work will coincide with the first day of classes in early September. Each associate will undergo an evaluation by their supervisor in January in order to evaluate their work.  

Associates follow the administrative calendar rather than the academic calendar. The working days are Sunday through Thursday, from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. Some positions require other schedules or overtime and weekend work during times of heavy activity. 

Important Notes:

*The roles and responsibilities listed below are not extensive.

Offices Available for the Program

  • The Office of the Vice President for Management and Operations ensures that the processes and business practices are in place to support decision-making, policy development, institutional planning, campus operations, and digital transformation. The vice president's portfolio includes campus services, which in itself includes athletics, food services, residential life and more in addition to overseeing all digital and technological changes at the University. The presidential associate is responsible for:

    • Research and long-term strategic planning that incorporates the needs of all University stakeholders

    • Project management between various offices focused on improving the campus experience

    • Attending committee and task force minutes, and taking minutes 

    • Maintaining and innovating the communication hub to allow community members to become better connected

    • Analyzing and creating University-wide policies

    • Understanding areas of the University that may need additional support from a management perspective

    • Reviewing and enhancing current services offered on campus

    • Liaisoning with student leaders, administrators, and faculty to understand what aspects of the University may be improved (either through policy or programs) to create a better University experience for all community members

    Job requirements: 

    The position provides exposure to all aspects of the administrative business and technical operations of a large institution and allows the associates to work with a wide variety of University professionals and student leaders to make a valuable impact on the University's operations.

    Applicants must have excellent writing, research and organizational skills, and be able to work with a diverse group of colleagues in a wide range of areas. An interest in the administrative and financial management of a large institution such as a university, in addition to a background in economics, is beneficial.

  • The Office of Advancement and Americas is also the fundraising arm of AUC, building relationships with various constituencies by engaging and involving donors and prospective donors in investing in the future of the University. The associate in institutional advancement works closely with the Vice President of Advancement and Communications and with the senior officer of donor relations on a variety of duties and projects, which include:

    • Editing and compiling stewardship reports

    • Managing orientations and photo shoots for beneficiaries

    • Preparing remarks and briefings

    • Event planning: compiling invitee lists, compiling guest bios, registration, updating information on the office’s database, post-event de-briefing

    • Acting as a liaison with faculty members and students who are scholarship and fellowship recipients

    • Conducting research as requested

    • Tracking progress against the office's strategic goals and objectives

    • Working to strengthen the presidential internship program's alumni network

    • Project-based work as assigned by the Vice President of Advancement and Americas. Past projects have included planning for AUC’s centennial and researching best practices for fundraising and donor relations

    Job requirements: 

    Applicants must have excellent writing skills, a confident and engaging personality, and the ability to work either on a team or independently. A commitment to the highest standards of customer service and respect for the confidentiality of information is required. Knowledge of web design and graphic design is a plus.

  • The Office of Marketing Communication and Public Affairs serves as a conduit between AUC and the public. As such, the presidential associate in communications assists in maintaining and enhancing the branding and positioning of AUC’s image. 

    • Sending out the daily bulletin each day and AUC's weekly newsletter, News@AUC, each week to all members of AUC (using basic web design software)  

    • Writing articles for News@AUC and for AUC's website

    • Researching, interviewing sources and writing feature-length stories for AUCToday (AUC's biannual magazine)

    • Researching and attending University events for coverage in AUC channels or to get quotes and information to be featured in the University newsletter

    • Taking photos and conducting interviews around campus for articles

    • Reviewing and approving all incoming announcements and calendar submissions from various departments and offices to be pushed out on various channels

    • Researching and providing fresh ideas for content and/or enhancements to the newsletters within AUC's branding guidelines

    • Taking part in communications-unit wide initiatives and events

    One aspect of the associateship is that this presidential associate will be the main delegate in charge of creating visual and multimedia content for the newsletters. This translates to a fairly heavy workload and management of many projects at once.

    Job requirements:

    The presidential associates should be adept in conducting interviews with students, faculty, staff, donors, alumni and sometimes special guests to the University; be able to write well and be experienced in conducting research. The presidential associates must be able to deal effectively and diplomatically with the public and have a talent for organizing and coordinating several projects at once, each with pressing deadlines. Excellent writing skills are required. Internet savvy; knowledge of social media, AP style guide, MailChimp, WordPress and web design software

  • The Office of Marketing Communication and Public Affairs serves as a conduit between AUC and the public. As such, the presidential associate in multimedia communications assists in maintaining and enhancing the branding and positioning of AUC’s image. The presidential associate will work with both the video team and the editorial team to produce branding and news content. Duties include:

    • Researching and attending University events

    • Short and medium-length video production including filming, editing and uploading to complement stories for AUC's newsletter and AUC's website 

    • Creating online visual accompaniments including graphics, photos, giphys, and others

    • Managing the AUCToday webpage, including publishing AUCToday stories, creating photo galleries and managing extra content

    • Taking photos and conducting interviews around campus for articles or videos 

    • Helping to create marketing brochures, campaigns and content

    • Helping create newsletter content using basic web design software, and writing short stories for News@AUC

    One aspect of the associateship is that this presidential associate will be the main delegate in charge of creating visual and multimedia content for the newsletters. This translates to a fairly heavy workload and management of many projects at once.

    Job requirements:

    The presidential associate should be adept in conducting interviews with students, faculty or staff, be able to film well and be experienced in conducting researched and creative short films. The associate must be able to deal effectively and diplomatically with the public and have a talent for organizing and coordinating several projects at once, each with pressing deadlines. Excellent writing and videography skills are required; knowledge of AdobePremier, Canva, Photoshop, social media, AP style guide and a background in design or multimedia journalism is highly desirable.

  • The Office of the Dean of Students is AUC’s hub for holistic student success. It creates opportunities for student growth in the areas of leadership, community service, multicultural competence, and identity development. It also attempts to build a cadre of student leaders that provide guidance, direction and support for their peers and contribute to the AUC student experience. This associate will report directly to the dean, providing expertise from the associate’s familiarity with the U.S. university culture and norms. A non-exhaustive list of responsibilities follows: 

    • Planning support for major events, such as commencement and orientations of new students to AUC

    • Overseeing office programs, such as the student ambassador program and the student leadership institute

    • Collaborating in policy writing for the various offices within the Dean of Students area

    • Overseeing the work-study students of the office

    • Serving on the conduct committee

    • Work with the Dean of Students to ensure the mapping of the strategic plan for the area onto the larger institutional strategic goals

    • Serve as the point person between the office and students via student intake and community outreach

    • Providing support/handling tasks for the VP for Student Life when requested

    • In addition, this associate will serve as a liaison between the Dean of Students and the Office of the President

    Job requirements:

    Applicants must have excellent oral and written English; an interest in working with databases and spreadsheets. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are required. Prior experience with event planning is preferred. 

  • The Office of Sustainability is responsible for meeting the environmental challenges facing AUC suc as climate change, resource scarcity, pollution and waste management and doing so in ways that improve the University's operations and strengthen its finances. The office portfolio consists of a biennial Carbon Footprint Report, energy reduction programs, water consumption reduction and management, waste management, lecture series and raising campus awareness of environmental concerns affecting AUC and Egypt. The associate’s tasks include: 

    • Research for annual reports and programs

    • Data collection and analysis

    • Participation in sustainability working groups and task forces

    • Drafting information papers

    • Organizing Office of Sustainability events

    • Presentations and panel discussions

    • Campus outreach and communication with University offices, such as facilities and operations, and constituents, including faculty, staff and student environmental clubs.

    Job requirements:

    Applicants should have strong analytical, research and writing skills, as well as an interest in sustainability. Experience with Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint is a plus. This position is an excellent opportunity to help promote sustainability in a region strongly impacted by climate change and resource scarcity, as well as to learn about the inner workings of a major University.

  • CARES’ mission is to guide sustainable development efforts in Egypt, the region, and beyond by providing holistic academic programs, applied interdisciplinary research, and community services for improving lives and livelihoods while safeguarding natural resources for future generations to come.

    The CARES presidential associate reports directly to the CARES director and works closely with the CARES operations manager. Job responsibilities generally revolve around CARES projects that fit the needs of the office and the associate's skills. Specific tasks will include:

    • Marketing and communications work for the MSc in sustainable development program at AUC, including the management of social media accounts and content creation
    • Working with CARES community projects team in implementing project activities such as: organizing events, reviewing and designing curricula, carrying out needs assessments, writing literature reviews and more
    • Assisting CARES researchers with ongoing researches in our on-campus Water-Energy-Food Nexus lab and greenhouses
    • The opportunity to work with the presidential associate in the Office of Sustainability on developing plans for campus-wide earth week
    • Engaging with students by working with the sustainable development graduate program fellows
    • Writing and editing research project proposals, grant applications and reports
    • The associate may have opportunities to visit sites and conduct fieldwork in local communities

    Job Requirements: 

    Applicants should have some experience in marketing and communications, an interest in conducting research, a background in development studies and environmental science/studies/engineering, the ability to multitask, excellent writing and organizational skills, and a willingness to get their hands dirty from time to time. Though not required, a background in Arabic is useful.

  • The Office of the Provost is responsible for overseeing the academic area of the University. As such, the office communicates with all constituencies at the University to varying degrees. The office is also responsible for overseeing long-term strategic priorities to the academic arena; developing and reviewing policies and procedures related to the academic area; key projects related to enhancing the quality of education and other key strategic priorities of the academic area. The associate works closely with the provost, the director of academic affairs projects, and other members of the office. Major responsibilities and projects with which the associate is involved include:

    • Event planning and execution in conjunction with other members of the Office of the Provost or other members of the academic area, as appropriate

    • Assist in preparing post-event assessment reports for major events

    • Prepare and update publications such as a “Meet the New Faculty” pamphlet and an “In Service of Egypt” booklet which details AUC’s contributions to Egypt

    • Serve on special committees and task forces such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and the grade inflation task force

    • Research and write reports about academic programs and quality of education

    • Other tasks or projects as assigned

    The associate assigned to the Office of the Provost will have the opportunity to work with many offices across the University, gain experience in understanding the workings of the academic arena or a University, and gain an understanding of strategic planning and priorities. Applicants who are interested in pursuing a career in higher education may find this office to be a particularly good fit.

    Job requirements:

    Applicants must have excellent writing, research and organizational skills; be able to consistently meet deadlines, even on short notice; be able to multi-task, and be able to work both individually and as a member of a team. An interest in institutional management and/or event planning is an asset.

  • The Strategy Management and Institutional Effectiveness (SMIE) is responsible for a number of different functions including accreditation, assessment, planning, research and data analysis. The objective is to promote effective institutional decision making and timely reporting to U.S. and Egyptian government and accreditation bodies. The position will support the overall goal of identifying and implementing processes, policies, and procedures across the University to increase the impact and efficiency of AUC’s operations. The associate will be involved with a variety of different tasks within the office and will be essential in collaborating and completing essential projects. The presidential associate roles and responsibilities include:  

    • Identifying and documenting the current state of processes, policies, and procedures and their useful and harmful attributes on University operations

    • Coordinating the implementation and assessment of strategic plans across the University, and walking through the various relevant individuals regarding assessment, strategic planning, and the relevant software

    • Simplifying and/or designing new processes, policies, and procedures with the appropriate stakeholders in order to eliminate redundancies

    • Researching, analyzing and reporting about data for assigned projects to various levels of the institution

    • Assisting with SMIE workshops and conferences, as well as writing and presenting on various projects with regards to survey analysis and overall strategic planning

    The associate will work closely with the director for planning, SMIE executive director and members of the SMIE team. The position is a unique opportunity to acquire specialized skills and experience in a field with high demand and far-reaching applications

    Job requirements: 

    Applicants must have excellent writing, research and organizational skills as well as the ability to work under pressure, meet deadlines and balance multiple simultaneous projects. Familiarity with liberal arts, American-style University, as well as experience with process improvement is a plus. Further experience with statistical analysis, predictive analytics and associated tools are beneficial. The ability to maintain confidentiality and proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint is required.

  • The associate in the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies will be responsible for local and international recruitment efforts, digital and social media advertising and conducting recruitment data and research. The applicant should have the ability to use social media professionally, interest in working directly with potential students, a hands-on approach to communication and the ability to compile and understand data and statistics. The intern's roles and responsibilities include:

    • Contributing to the organization of and participation in recruitment open houses, graduate fairs and other events on campus

    • Identifying potential recruitment channels in Egypt, internationally and regionally, such as major recruitment events planned to take place in other universities, fairs and all other as available and supporting participation logistics as needed

    • Assisting in responding to and following up on prospective applicants through email. Compiling databases of applicants’ contacts, nationalities and areas of interest for communication and data compilation

    • Being in charge of the office’s Facebook page. Regularly promoting the office’s highlights and news on the page, such as upcoming admission deadlines, fellowship announcements, and all other news as arises. Pre-identifying and organizing posting material on a weekly basis

    • Assisting in internal communication within AUC to produce recruitment publications, flyers, and electronic/non-electronic material

    • Identifying potential digital advertising channels on local, regional, and international graduate search engines, higher education related websites, and all other

    • Regularly maintaining all recruitment and admissions numbers, in close collaboration with the Office of Graduate Admissions and providing support in producing recruitment statistics for future recruitment directions

    • Compiling and maintaining comprehensive inquiries and contacts’ databases. This includes prospective applicants’ emails, emails of contacts in other universities locally and internationally, embassies, organizations/foundations contacts, and other different recruitment networks

    • Providing research support for AUC Graduate Studies recruitment research or program-specific recruitment research

     Job requirements: 

    Applicants must have excellent writing, research and organizational skills as well as the ability to work under pressure, meet deadlines and balance multiple simultaneous projects. Familiarity with liberal arts, American-style University, as well as experience with research and data management is a plus. Further experience with statistical analysis, predictive analytics, and associated tools are beneficial. Prior social media or marketing experience is also a plus. The ability to maintain confidentiality and proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint is required.

  • The Rare Books and Special Collections Library (RBSCL) supports research and teaching in the arts, culture and society of Egypt and the Middle East. The library documents ancient, medieval, and modern Egypt and the wider region, with particular strengths in Egyptology, Islamic art and architecture and travel literature. The RBSCL also collects archival and manuscript collections reflecting modern Egyptian
    social, cultural and intellectual life.

    • Performing research on AUC history, drawing on materials in all formats (text documents, photographs, audiovisual materials) to assist researchers within and outside AUC and to prepare for centennial-related exhibits, publications (including the centennial history book) and documentaries

    • Writing exhibition captions, social media posts, summaries of items and oral histories, and others, for centennial purposes

    • Conducting oral history interviews with AUC community members including faculty, alumni and students. Transcribing and describing oral histories to make them available to researchers.

    Job Requirements:

    Applicants must have an academic background in and/or interest in history, strong research and writing skills, excellent organizational and project management skills and attention to detail, an ability and willingness to interact with AUC community members including students and alumni to promote and conduct AUC centennial and heritage activities. Experience working in a library/archives as a researcher or work-study student or volunteer is a plus, as is experience working on exhibitions.

  • The Career Center provides professional career guidance, experiential learning programs, and employment services to students, alumni and employers. The Career Center presidential associate will primarily focus on communications and undergraduate scholarly engagement. On the communications front, the associate will work closely with the assistant director for career communications to implement the marketing and communications strategy for career advising, experiential learning and recruitment programs and events. In the scholarly engagement capacity, the associate will research prestigious scholarship and fellowship opportunities, spread awareness about them among AUC students, and build a sustainable framework for effective fellowships advising service. Duties will include but are not limited to:

    • Contribute to planning and executing marketing campaigns to promote the center’s career services and recruitment events using posters, social media, and GIFs

    • Design and develop material for career services’ publications, banners, flyers and brochures

    • Manage the Career Center’s webpage and social media

    • Participate in major career center events and ensure good social media coverage

    • Interview students/employers, write stories for the center’s newsletters and serve as a liaison to AUC’s Office of Advancement and Communications to disseminate success stories and event news

    • Monitor peer career leaders performance on social media, graphic design, multimedia, and writing

    • Attend key administrative and corporate meetings as assigned by the executive director; take minutes and follow up on action steps as needed

    • Research and assess office outcomes to compile a placement report for print and web publishing

    • Develop and implement a semi-annual career center faculty newsletter

    • Research and compile a database on scholarships and fellowships for AUC students and develop content for a scholarships and fellowships website

    • Conduct awareness workshops among undergraduate students on international scholarships and liaise with faculty to identify potential applicants

    • Follow up with applicants on scholarship requirements and coach them throughout the application process

     Job Requirements: 

    Applicants should possess excellent writing, communication, and interpersonal skills; have an eye for details; be able to work within a team or take initiatives independently; have the capacity to multi-task and balance multiple projects; and be proficient in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. Knowledge of the application process for nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships and interest in career development are assets.

  • Office of the General Counsel and Compliance provides comprehensive legal services to the University, including advice on a wide variety of legal issues, reviews and drafts policies. The office strives to minimize risks and liability to AUC. Also, to establish standards and implement procedures to ensure that compliance applies throughout the University are effective in preventing, deterring, detecting and correcting non-compliance with applicable laws and regulations and internal policies. Major responsibilities and projects with which the associate is involved include:

    • Editing, reviewing of documents

    • Creating and maintaining content for the Office of Legal Affairs website

    • Organize and track all contracts in place

    • Assist in identifying and resolving any non-compliance issues at AUC

    • Review insurance policies

    • Conducting research as requested

    • Other tasks or projects as assigned

    Job requirements:

    Applicants should have strong analytical, research and writing skills, as well as an interest in working in the legal field in an international setting. Experience in or knowledge of U.S. higher education law and setting up educational activities and research in international locations is helpful. Experience in web design or computer science is not necessary for the position, as website updates go through a content management system in which the intern will be trained.

  • The Technology Transfer Office’s (TTO) purpose is to serve the AUC community, including faculty, staff or students who have a knack for innovation and a potentially creative idea. Our office is here to facilitate the growth, development, and success of new technologies. The TTO will set up protection strategies for your research and promote development all the way through successful commercialization. TTO fully supports intellectual property to ensure all AUC individuals are justly rewarded for their efforts. In addition, the TTO helps the community gain access to
    these cutting-edge technologies quickly and conveniently, following suite with our university's strategic vision.

    • Support technology market and patentability research on received technology cases by research teams on campus using all available research tools and resources as well as other means as necessary
    • Support analysis and develop technology assessment reports for every innovation disclosure based on market and patentability research and report results to the licensing officer for discussion and approval
    • Support and manage, in coordination with the office director, the documentation optimization and automation, where possible, the entire office’s operational processes including patent drafting, filing, application conversions, dropping prosecution of applications deemed no longer worth pursuing, assessment, contract negotiation, outreach and prospecting, proof of concept funding and commercialization efforts, faculty engagement, expenses, budgeting, and income as well as reporting at the office
    • Lead efforts in development of animations, illustrations, interactive installations and other ways to showcase AUC innovations through external vendors for events and permanent showcases on campus
    • Support the office staff in all matters related to running the AUC proof of concept fund including screening, awarding, and the day to day operation and monitoring and reporting on the proof of concept projects awarded to AUC research teams
    • Support efforts to involve other internal and external parties (e.g. students, alumni, volunteers, etc.) in various office functions and activities as appropriate

    Job requirements:

    Experience with research and development, technology development, or technology licensing in an academic environment is preferred. Knowledge regarding the assessment of inventions from researchers, the negotiation of technology license agreements, and other tech transfer related agreements is an advantage. In addition, strong industry or market experience in a relevant discipline in the region and/or internationally (i.e: biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, semiconductor, etc.) is favorable. Higher consideration will be given to candidates with knowledge of and experience with legal requirements for patenting inventions, a strong grasp of legal principles in general and/or with issues relating to obtaining patents with respect to licensing and other agreements as well as issues relating to technology transfer.

  • The School of Continuing Education (SCE) at The American University in Cairo provides certificate programs, noncredit term-length courses and variable-length, customized courses to fulfill the continuing education needs of individuals and organizations in Egypt and the Middle East. the school offers a broad array of programs and certificates focusing on career and skills development programs, language enhancement programs, teacher training programs, youth programs among others. The School of Continuing Education’s regularly scheduled courses and certificates are offered in AUC Tahrir Square and AUC New Cairo.

    • Assist with the setting up, marketing and operations of the monthly SCE Community Lecture series that takes place on the Tahrir campus
    • Assist with SCE programs funded by the US Embassy, especially with a focus on ensuring that events with those programs are coordinated across SCE and with the other relevant offices in the university. This will entail working closely with SCE’s Programs and Partnership Department, and coordinating with the SCE Associate Dean. Included in these programs is the English Access Microscholarship program, which works with talented high school students who come from disadvantaged backgrounds across Egypt
    • Assist with writing proposals to the US Embassy, USAID and other potential donors. This will require gathering and analyzing data that will constitute an important part of SCE proposals to potential donors
    • Attend meeting and events with the Dean that involve outreach across the university and to organizations outside the university
    • Prepare Dean for upcoming meetings with relevant background information, biographies of meeting attendees, talking points and/or speeches and brief analyses
    • Support the SCE activities involved in awarding scholarships to disadvantaged students and assisting in monitoring the performance and progress of those students

    Job requirements:

    Applicants must have a vested interest in promoting access to education through community partnerships. Experience in event planning along with excellent communication and writing skills are necessary. Experience with Microsoft Excel is preferred. An Interest in working in both Tahrir Campus and New Cairo Campus is required.