International Programs and Services Office

The International Programs and Services Office (IPSO) is responsible for all academically-related partnerships with which AUC engages. In particular, the office promotes and supports initiatives that encourage academic outreach and service, influence curricular internationalization and strengthen the global reputation of the University.

The IPSO aims to intertwine the global dimension into AUC and seeks to provide students with a unique opportunity to study in a foreign country for academic credit. The goal is to provide students with an international educational experience valuable for both personal growth and career prospects. It also allows students to better shape their academic careers and to differentiate their qualifications. 

The IPSO’s internationalization strategy and philosophy aim at introducing new scopes and focuses on targeting new geographical areas. The IPSO’s objective is to increase student and faculty international exposure and experience through different tools and strategies. Some of those activities would be to:

  • Promote joint programs and courses
  • Promote international competitions and events
  • Support interaction with international students
  • Organize international workshops
  • Intensify faculty contribution and enhance staff participation
  • Enhance blended learning and online courses which will be used as an integral tool to expand internationalization

The IPSO is responsible for:

  1. Undergraduate Study Abroad and Exchange Program
  2. Graduate Study Abroad and Exchange Program 
  3. Summer Study Abroad Program
  4. Principal Point of Contact to all International Students
  5. International Non-Degree Academic Advising and Registration
  6. Faculty-Led Programs
  7. University Visits
  8. Faculty Ambassador Program
  9. Study Abroad Student Ambassador Program

Our Vision is to be recognized as a reliable office that has a strong and significant impact on AUC students’ academic international exposure and experience through coordinating with all schools, departments and academic units to support the students’ journey and learning at AUC. IPSO also offers academic advising and support to international students.

Our Mission is to offer a long-standing international education to AUC students, to maximize their international exposure and experience, and to intertwine the global dimension into AUC by expanding its walls and offering a firsthand experience of the larger global community.


Study Abroad Policy

Meet the Team

Dahlia El Tayeb
Senior Director
t+ 20.2.2615.3589

Rana El Shabrawy
t+ 20.2.2615.3581

Heba Moussa
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Pensee Abdel Ghany
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Sarah El Fiky
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Office of International Programs and Services
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AUC Avenue, P.O. Box 74 New Cairo 11835, Egypt 
Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud, Room P126
Working Hours: 9 am - 3 pm