Work with an adviser

The Academic Advising Center continues to put effort and invest in bridging the gap between the undergraduate offices, faculty and student bodies. Advisers familiarize students with requirements for each field and assist them in exploring various options.  The diversity available at the AAC complements the advising experience and assures the idea of Liberal Arts Education. Each adviser comes from a different background with different majors, hobbies and interests.  This creates a deeper sense of understanding of the diverse environment, which allows every student to have room for exploring their interests.  

What to expect from your advisor

  • Advise and register undeclared students courses in first semester.
  • Inform students of all the requirements and prerequisites for each major.
  • Guide students academically to reach their preferred major.
  • Ensure that each freshman, regardless of his/her background, makes the best possible use of the University’s academic resources.
  • Empower students to make their own decisions by exploring their options.
  • Assist students to maximize educational opportunities by making the correct choices.
  • Help freshmen students select courses in terms of personal abilities, interest and goals.
  • Provide students with the help they need to get out of probation.
  • Familiarize students with the Core Curriculum.