University Policies

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Adding a Pickup and Drop-off Point Policy and Procedures

  Adjunct Faculty Handbook
  Anti-Harassment and Non-Discrimination Policy (English version)
  Anti-Harassment and Non-Discrimination Policy (Arabic version)
  Anti-Terrorist Financing Policy
  AUC Acceptable Use Policy
  AUC Wireless Guest Service Agreement Policy
  AUC Alumni ID Card and Conduct Policy
  AUC Backup Policy and Procedures
  AUC Password Policy
  AUC Servers Policy
  AUC Student Residences Community Guidelines 

Branding and Visual Identity Manual

  Bus Service General Policy
  Bus Service Riders' Policy
  Business Support Policy
  Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Policy 
  BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Borrowing Policy
  BYOD Borrowing Policy (During COVID-19)
  BYOD Borrowing Declaration Form
  Campus Access Policy
  Campus Filming and Photography Policy
  Campus Planning and Construction Services Policies and Procedures Manual
  Capitalization and Depreciation Policy
  CAPMAS Policy
  Car Reservation
  Career Center Policy for Employers
  Career Center Policy for Students
  Cash Advances and Down Payments Policy
  Children in the Workplace Policy
  Code of Academic Ethics
  Code of Student Conduct
  Conflicts of Interest and Commitment Policy
  Contract Administration and Signature Authority Policy
  Change Management Policy
  Clear Desk Policy
  Cloud Hosting Policy
  Cyber Security Incident Response Policy
  Data Classification Policy
  Data Governance Policy 
  Document Delivery, AUC Libraries
  Digital Asset Disposal Policy
  Digital Computing Asset Management Policy
  Direct Purchase Order Policies and Procedures
  Disability Policy
  Disbursement of Federal Financial Aid
  Drug and Alcohol AUC Students Policy
  Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace Policy
  Electronic Mail (EMAIL) Policy
  External Visitors Policy
  English Waiver Policy- Grants
  Faculty Handbook
  Faculty Housing 

Financial Policies, General Guidelines

  Firearms and Weapons Policy
  Food Services Policies and Procedures
  Freedom of Expression Policy
  Gift Acceptance Policy
  Golf Carts Service
  Graduate Student Study Carrels Policy and Procedures – AUC Libraries
  Grievance and Appeal Process for Student Concerns
  Hospitality Policy
  HR Operations Policy for Externally-Funded Staff
  IT Data Center and IT Rooms Access Policy
  Identity and Access Management Policy
  Information Security Policy
  Institutional Review Board
  Integrated Communication Device Policy
  Intellectual Property Policy
  International Calls and Faxes Policy
  Library External Users Information
  Library ID Policy
  Library Reserves Policy
  LLT Policy on Copyright Compliance
  Local Travel Policy
  Log File Access and Retention Policy
  Medical Service Policy
  Missing Student Notification Policy
  Non-Egyptian Faculty Member Final Pay Policy
  Non-Fraternization and Familial Relationships Policy
  Parking Policy
  Patch Management Policy
  Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Policy
  Petty Cash Policy
  Personal Property Policy
  Printing and Copying Services Policy
  Policy and Procedure Regarding Use of Human Subjects in Research
  Policy on Reporting Unethical or Illegal Conduct
  Procurement Services Policy
  Property Inventory and Warehouse Control
  Rare Books and Special Collections Library Access Policy
  Refund Policy
  Removing a Pickup/Drop off Point Policy and Procedures

Reservation and Use of Meeting Facilities Policy

  Retreats Policy
  SAP For Federal Loans and SAP Appeals

Saturday Bus Service Schedule Extension Policy and Procedures

  Space Policy
  Sponsorship Policy
  Sports Center Locker Rental Policy

Sports Facilities Reservation Policy

  Sports Membership Policy
  Student Financial Aid Code of Conduct
  Survey Policy and Procedures
  System Development Policy
  Tents on Campus Policy
  Tobacco-Free Community Policy (Arabic version)
  Tobacco-Free Community Policy (English version)
  Travel Policy

Uniform and Dress Code Policy (English)

  University Code of Ethical Conduct

University Communications Policy

  University Corporate Credit Cards Policy
  Video Surveillance and Recording Policy
  VPN_Remote Access Policy
  Withdrawal and Return To Title IV Funds