Modules for Graduate Students

Graduate Needs

Graduate education at AUC engages students in a deeper, more specialized program of learning. As such, the needs and expectations of graduate students are going to be different from those of your undergraduate colleagues. 

The Academic Integrity Policy

The Code of Academic Ethics applies to the entire AUC community, as a graduate student you are held to a higher standard. As such, it is important to understand that any violation of the Code of Academic Ethics may result in immediate suspension and possible dismissal from the University. 

Newly admitted degree-seeking graduate students must successfully complete the online Academic Integrity Modules during their first semester at AUC. Registration in subsequent semesters shall not be possible until the successful completion of these modules. These newly admitted students will be contacted via email by the Office of Graduate Student Services and Fellowships during the first few weeks of their first semester with details on these online modules and how to access them.


The resources linked on the home page apply to graduate and undergraduate students alike. Additionally, graduate students must be aware of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) requirements for research involving human subjects.