Council on Academic Integrity (CAI)

The Council on Academic Integrity (CAI) was established in 2006 by AUC Provost Tim Sullivan. Originally formed as an ad-hoc committee in 2002, the Task Force on Academic Integrity was transformed into the Council on Academic Integrity and reports directly to the provost. 

The purpose of the CAI is to monitor and enhance awareness of academic integrity in the academic community among students, faculty, and staff. Since enhancing awareness of academic integrity is an ongoing concern, it meets regularly to discuss issues of importance to the AUC community. It liaises with other University bodies in order to continuously keep the issue of academic integrity in the public arena. These include (but are not limited to) the Freshman Year Experience, the New Faculty Orientation Program, the Student Union, and the Academic Integrity Committee, the latter being the judicial body that deals with student violations of academic integrity.

Responsibilities of the CAI include:

Education and Information

Promotion: The AIC shall actively promote the concept of academic integrity at AUC by all appropriate and effective means (e.g. raising the awareness among AUC community of the importance of honest and ethical conduct).

Coordination: The AIC, in consultation with the provost and seeking help from other parties (e.g. deans, department chairs, and student organizations), shall propose and implement ways and means to discourage violations of the Academic Integrity Code.

Communication: While realizing that academic integrity is the responsibility of the entire AUC community, the AIC shall be the primary agency charged with oversight of dissemination of information, development of materials, displays, audio-visual material, printed material, and all other forms of communications related to the issue of academic integrity.

Publicizing: The AIC shall submit an annual report to the provost and to the Senate’s Academic Affairs Committee. A short version may be made public within AUC. In this version, confidential material such as names and specific classes will be omitted.


The members of the CAI are appointed by the provost. It consists of the following members (click on the name for a more detailed biography):

Aziza El Lozy: Council Chair; Associate Provost for Transformative Learning and Teaching
Lotfi Gaafar: Professor and Associate Dean for Undergrad Studies, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Alia Shoeib: Associate Dean Instructional Affairs, SCE
Matthew Hendershot: Instructor and Associate Dean, ALA, Department of Rhetoric and Composition
Firas Alatraqchi: Professor of Practice and Chair, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication
Hanan Kholousy: Associate Professor, Department of History
Hoda Mustafa: Professor of Practice and Director, Center for Learning and Teaching
Rania Samir: Assistant Professor, Department of Management
Sunanda Homes: General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer
Marwa Gaafar: Director, Office of Academic Integrity