Campus Resources

AUC has numerous services available to students that can help to ensure a rewarding education. In addition to the countless extracurricular activities offered at the University, there are also many academic services that will help the community get the most out of their time at AUC. What follows is a list of academic resources available on campus. The information is as complete as possible, but please note, there may be some resources that are not included. This list should not be considered a definitive resource, but rather a starting point in determining where to go and who to contact for various academic needs.

Graduate Student Services

The Office of Graduate Student Services is responsible for supporting graduate students during their time at AUC. They organize and disseminate information about workshops, tutorials, scholarships, fellowships, work-study opportunities and a host of other issues related to graduate study. The mandatory workshops are announced through their graduate listserv, so if you are not receiving information from the office, please make sure to visit their office to be added to the list. 


The library offers countless services to the AUC community between the various collections, the online databases, interlibrary loan program, and research assistance.

Library hours are listed here.

While it's best to address your questions in person, sometimes that is not possible. As such, questions can be directed to the following departments:

Writing Center

The Mohamed Taymour Writing Center offers services to graduate and undergraduate students as well as faculty. Their website provides more information regarding their hours of operation and the services they provide.

If you have questions regarding citations, paraphrasing or other technical writing issues, this is a great resource to help ensure you don’t fall into the “plagiarism trap.” Please note, however, that the writing center does not and will not re-write your paper. They will offer feedback on clarity, on grammar issues and general writing help, but they will not assist in the language of the paper.

To ensure an appointment, it is best to sign up via the online scheduler. Bear in mind that peak times of the semester (midterms and finals) tend to be much busier, and as such, it is best to plan ahead to guarantee that you are able to receive an appointment well in advance of any assignment due date.

There are special hours reserved for graduate students. In addition to AUC New Cairo hours, there will also be a faculty member from the Department of Rhetoric and Composition providing tutoring Monday evenings from 3- 8 pm in the AUC Tahrir Square campus faculty lounge. No appointment is necessary.

Office of Student Support

Mentoring Unit

Study skills and time management techniques are just a few of the services that the mentoring unit offers. In addition to the one-on-one mentoring sessions, the unit also conducts workshops throughout the year.

Counseling Center

The counseling center offers trained professionals to help with personal and social concerns and difficulties.

Disability Services

The disability services office works with students with disabilities to help ensure a supportive and productive learning environment. It is important to note that concessions are not granted automatically to students, so if you believe you are entitled to special consideration, please contact Alexandra Gazis to discuss your situation.


Contact information for all offices is available here.