Academic Integrity for Students

Understanding Academic Integrity 

  1. Why Do Students Cheat? 
  2. Guidelines on Collaboration 
  3. Other Possible Violations of Academic Integrity 


Tips to Avoid Violations

Group Work

Tips on how to work in groups without falling victim to unscrupulous members 

Academic Writing 

What is different about writing at university?

Tutorials and Multimedia Content
This page features tutorials on using Refworks. Check back often for new content as it becomes available.


Myths and Misconceptions

Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse for breaking the rules. This is a quick guide to common misconceptions on campus.  


Know Your Rights

A concise outline of the rights you have as students regarding procedures, expectations of faculty and classroom expectations

Best Practices for Students Brochure 

A small but useful brochure that summarizes what you need to consider when dealing with your work at the University.


Conceptualizing Academic Integrity in the Professional World
Real Life Examples of Ethics Violations
A selection of articles related to professional and educational ethical misconduct

When A Violation Occurs
Academic Integrity Matters Workshop
Understanding Academic Integrity-Related Policies