Academic Integrity Committee


The Academic Integrity Committee (AIC) shall consist of thirteen voting members. The members shall be selected at the beginning of each academic year (or every two years) as follows: one faculty member is nominated by the respective deans from each of the five schools (School of Business, School of Continuing Education, School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Sciences and Engineering), one faculty member from the Academy of Liberal Arts, one faculty member nominated by the Senate, one faculty or senior staff member appointed by the provost, one faculty member nominated by the dean of Libraries and Learning Technologies, one senior staff member nominated from the Office of Students Affairs, one student nominated by the Graduate Students Association and one student nominated by the Student Court. In all cases, members are requested to familiarize themselves with AUC’s Code of Academic Ethics and the penalties of violations of academic integrity. The AIC chair shall be a tenured faculty member elected by the AIC voting members on its first meeting of the year. The provost or his/her representative will preside over the meeting during the election process.

A support staff member will be responsible for recording minutes and for other record-keeping.

Quorum is achieved when five voting members are present.

Duties and Responsibilities

The AIC shall hold regularly scheduled meetings, as well as special meetings to handle urgent and/or special cases. Regularly scheduled meetings can be canceled if there are no agenda items. Official meetings can be held if a quorum of at least five voting members is achieved. The AIC shall be responsible for coordinating other efforts by organizations, faculty, administration and students to promote an institutional culture conducive to ethical academic behavior. The AIC’s role is educational, informational, investigatory and advisory. Among its functions is the determination of academic dishonesty in the cases forwarded by faculty, staff or students. To accomplish that end, duties and responsibilities will include:

Investigatory and Advisory

Reporting: The AIC encourages students, faculty and staff to report violation of the academic integrity code, and shall take appropriate action when a violation is reported.

Procedural: At its regular or special meetings, the AIC shall process individual cases of allegations of violations of the Academic Integrity Code in accordance with the recommendations outlined in the procedures. The AIC shall ensure that both the accused and accuser have full and fair hearing. All cases will be handled with strict confidentiality. The AIC shall advise the provost on its deliberations and recommendations for each individual case.

Record Maintenance: In addition to regular and special deliberations, the AIC office will maintain documents, including research results of ongoing surveys, and a database of complaints of academic dishonesty for further monitoring and evaluation of project and program effectiveness.

Monitoring, Evaluation and Sustainability: The AIC shall periodically recommend revisions to improve the Academic Integrity Code and procedures. These recommendations shall be submitted to the Council for Academic Integrity (CAI) for discussion, development.

Other: Other responsibilities can be assigned to this committee by the Provost.