At AUC, we take full advantage of the fact that we are located in one of the most unique and dynamic cities in the world.  We take inspiration from Cairo in our academic programs, using it as a site for learning and integrating it into our curriculum. 


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Neighborhood Initiative

The establishment of a Neighborhood Initiative on AUC's Tahrir and New Cairo campuses presents an opportunity for AUC to reflect on place-based strategies that combine elements of civic engagement and anchor strategies relevant to the region.

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Living in Cairo

Egypt is an adventurous experience for incoming students, faculty and staff. Here are some tips on how to make a smooth transition; find out more about Egyptian people, culture, availability of goods and services and transportation.

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Students Establish Sustainable Rooftop Community Garden in Informal Cairo Neighborhood

Students in the Institute of Global Health and Human Ecology established a sustainable rooftop community garden in the informal 

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