On April 21, 2021, AUC alumni from around the world came together to tap into the power of our global community in supporting deserving AUC students. AUC alumni joined our Giving Day to light a new lamp for a future alum. In these times of uncertainty, generosity can bring the whole world together.

AUC Giving Day

Investing in What Really Matters: Join AUC's April 21st First Giving Day

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What is the AUC Giving Day?

The AUC Giving Day is a 24 hour fundraising event rallying together our whole community around the success of AUC students. It’s an opportunity for everyone in the AUC community, (alumni, faculty, staff, family and friends) to use their individual power of generosity to remain connected to AUC and to support the students in these challenging times.


Why are we doing it?

The global Covid-19 pandemic has impacted people around the world, posing financial hardships on students and their families as they try to navigate between the increasing costs and, in many cases decreasing incomes. Over the last year, AUC has seen an increase in financial aid applications. Although the University was able to increase the amount of financial assistance it provides to in-need students, the need for support continues to grow. We’re looking towards the AUC community to step up and help the University continue its mission. We can do more. You can help.


100% of the funds raised on the AUC Giving day will support financial aid to students.

Ways to Support

While financial contributions directly go towards helping students directly through financial aid, we know times are challenging. This is why we are asking everyone to give what they can. There are no gifts too small. Your gifts on Giving Day, no matter how small, will help the students who are most in need of support. A gift to AUC Annual Fund is the best thing you can do for AUC students right now.

Spread the word. Let your family and friends know what we are doing and why. Encourage them to give and help build a new generation that can help change the world.

Promote the day on social media platforms, in digital communities, and in your network. Let’s show the world the power of our community. Here is a link to update your profile image on Facebook to get you started.

Volunteer to help maximize our efforts for Giving Day. Become an ambassador of the University to future students, parents, friends and donors. Find out more details by emailing

Issue a Challenge by making a personal gift that motivates others to support the AUC Annual Fund. Find out more details by emailing

More Reasons to Support

A top-notch undergraduate liberal arts program which allows students to equip themselves with the knowledge and skills to compete in a rapidly changing world.

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Unparalleled graduate program. AUC offers 53 master programs and two PhD programs, in addition to various graduate diplomas.

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Top-quality international programs which allow students opportunities to receive academic credit toward their degrees while studying at AUC.

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A superb Arabic education programs for non-native speakers. 

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Unique research centers. AUC boasts a number of research centers that promote collaborative research across a wide array of disciplines.

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A stimulating learning and teaching program that promotes excellence in teaching, facilitating the effective application of technology to the teaching and learning process.

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