The Bartlett Fund for Critical Challenges

Egypt faces a series of challenges that collectively will shape the country’s prospects. They include, but are not limited to, issues such as sustainability, poverty, demographics, health, education, urbanization, water resources, governance, social mobility and regional politics. Many of these are common to developing societies, but they nevertheless exist in a uniquely Egyptian context. As part of its mission, The American University in Cairo strives to play a leadership role in developing responses to these challenges that so profoundly affect the society it serves.

The Bartlett Fund for Critical Challenges is an endowed fund to encourage research and other projects that address defining challenges shaping Egypt and the Middle East. The fund is perpetual, intended to develop creative responses to challenges that seem most formidable for the future of the region. The fund encourages the AUC research community collectively to consider how their expertise, energy and creativity can contribute to solutions for these fundamental challenges. The fund seeks to generate innovative ideas, strategies, and technologies, and through student involvement in the process, to develop human capital that will provide leadership to confront the most critical challenges facing Egypt.

This call for proposals is open to all faculty with research interests related to a critical challenge facing Egypt and the region. Interested scholars are invited to submit their proposals for evaluation by the URB (University Research Board) no later than December 15, 2019.

Proposal submissions will be made to and must include the following elements:

1. Project title

2. Abstract (not more than 1200 characters)

3. Introduction: Review of prior art (not more than 3000 characters)

4. Problem definition

5. Research goals

6. Research methodology

7. Work Plan: The duration and plan of actions over months and year/s

8. Research success indicators

9. Research track/sustainability: Detailed explanation of how this research track can be sustained and evolve, post-funding.

10. Budget Sheet: an excel sheet is provided online to itemize expenditures.

11. Time commitment and role of the CO-PI(s) + role of support research staff

12. References

13. Compliance: Applicants are reminded that all projects involving human subjects require approval by AUC’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) before funds are granted and the research can begin. Click here to view AUC's Institutional Review Board (IRB).

The applicant will be required to provide a copy of the approval notification or protocol number for approved projects and must bear the responsibility of following all necessary health and safety procedures.

14. Curriculum Vitae (CV) of the CO-PI(s). The CV should include: a list of pending and/or current external and internal funding including the title of the projects, start and end dates, and the overlap with the present proposal if any; a list of previously awarded AUC grants; a list of publications identifying those that resulted from AUC grants received during the last three years; and evidence of seeking or receiving external funds during the last three years. (Not more than three pages in pdf format)

1. The maximum allowed budget per project is $50,000 per year with a maximum project duration of three years and a maximum project budget of $100,000. The award expects to make up to three projects per year.

2. The budget sheet must include detailed description, explanation and justification in units and cost per unit of all the requested items to avoid arbitrary decisions on the appropriate level of funding.

3. The budget sheet must be filled based on the details, break down and justification of the requested amount for each fiscal year in separate columns, in case of multi-year projects, noting that all the requested activities and payments for each year shall follow the fiscal year starting July 1 and ending June 30, since the fund is provided each fiscal year.

The budget allocation and eligibility will follow the AUC guidelines for faculty support frant: Pol-Prov- Res-003-R0

The URB will evaluate the submitted proposals based on the following criteria:

1. Relevance to a critical challenge
2. Emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration
3. Active involvement of undergraduate students
4. Project feasibility and the quality of project design
5. Alignment of the project design with the research objective
6. Clarity of research success indicators
7. PI expertise in field of proposed research

The grant award is scheduled to be announced by January 16, 2019.