Gifts at Work

The tradition of philanthropy at AUC began long ago. The generous support of our extended AUC community helps ensure that students can live and learn in an environment that will foster their growth as leaders and in service to others. AUC is immensely grateful for the support of alumni, parents and friends who have helped to build and sustain the University during its more than 90 years of existence. Browse through our stories to know more about how your gifts are making a difference.



From Algeria to Egypt, Arizona: How Internationalism Shapes Identity

Algiers, Cairo, Arizona, mathematics, comparative religion, Ataba Square, the Women’s March, U.S. Congress. These may strike one as an odd combination, but these words define the past three years of international student Yasmine Bouguerche’s life.

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The full group of 2017/2018 Al-Ghurair Scholars.

Second Cohort of Al Ghurair STEM Scholars Set to be Change Makers

When war broke out in Yemen in 2015, Mohammed Al-Sabri’s family stayed at their home in Taiz city for as long as possible.

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Student, Alumnus Aims to 'Inspire and Empower' Through His Studies at AUC

Rasheed Idou ‘14 a master’s student under a Writing Center Graduate Fellowship, says his experiences at AUC have inspired in him a dedication to “invest in people.” "It’s so invigorating to invest in people and be able to inspire and empower,” said Idou. “I’m the older brother in my family, so I feel like that’s my natural role in life; it’s my role to be a role model.” Originally from Lebanon, Idou was granted a scholarship through the Tomorrow's Leaders Scholarship Program to pursue his undergraduate education at AUC in 2009.

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Alumnus Develops Mobile App to Help the Visually Impaired

Abdel Ghani Barakat ‘13, Leadership for Education and Development (LEAD) scholar and AUC graduate who double majored political science and communication and media arts, developed the concept for an innovative and impactful mobile application for visually impaired individuals, dubbed E3rafli. “Studying political science and communications at AUC connected me more to the world, allowing me to understand the philosophies behind decision-making processes,” said Barakat, who works as a sustainability specialist at Vodafone, where he helped develop the app.

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Fresh Philosophy Graduate Joins Harvard Law School

Mohammed El Shafie ’17, philosophy graduate and recipient of the HSBC Bank Egypt Public School Scholarship, now steps up to a new challenge as he enters his first year at Harvard Law School this fall. With a long list of academic feats behind him, El Shafie looks to the future with fervor in the hopes of using his law degree to effect significant change. “I hope to work toward bringing the Islamic and Western worlds closer to one another,” he affirmed.

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Menna Hasan (MSc '18): My master’s at AUC was even better than I expected

First AUC Graduate of Al Ghurair STEM Scholars: My Master's was Better than I Expected

With a Master of Science in nanotechnology, Menna Hasan (MSc ’18) is the first AUC graduate of Al Ghurair STEM Scholars Program. Hasan, who received her Bachelor of Science in chemistry from Alexandria University, came out of AUC not only with a degree, but an impactful experience accumulated over the course of two years. She is satisfied with the significant step forward she took in her career. “Alhamdolelah! I feel great and proud of my work,” she reflected. “My master’s at AUC was even better than I expected.” From Alex to AUC

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Because of You

The University community thanks all of our donors who gave to AUC this year. Because of you, AUC awarded over $23 million in scholarships and financial aid, while also providing emergency tuition assistance to over 2,200 students following the flotation of the Egyptian Pound. Thank you!

AUC Says "Thank You!" to Donors

The AUC family says thank you to the donors who have supported us in building a better future by providing quality education to the best and brightest students, regardless of background.

A Changing World Vision: Scholarship Student Seeks to Make Impact

Fady Shokry, economics student from Minya, has had the chance to explore how he can contribute to his society and tackle obstacles to financial inclusion thanks to an Orascom Construction Limited (OCL)-AUC Undergraduate Scholarship that brought him to AUC.