New Cairo Neighborhood

New Cairo, where the AUC campus has been located since 2007, is 35 kilometers (21.75 miles) from downtown Cairo and AUC Tahrir Square. While New Cairo is currently under development, it is considered an upscale suburb.

The new AUC housing complex is located a mere 500 meters from the campus. For a description of the buildings and their facilities and to view pictures of the model apartment, click here.

Fresh air and quiet are positives to the location. The AUC campus, within walking distance, offers facilities including a small grocery market and an extensive sports complex. There is a lot of entertainment options, and commercial areas are functioning in New Cairo. Also, AUC has established a special shuttle bus from the housing development to commercial areas nearby. Click here for the shuttle bus schedule. Another option is to use the regular AUC buses that leave the campus throughout the day to go to several neighborhoods in Cairo, including downtown, El Rehab, Maadi, and Zamalek. Click here for the schedule of the routes.

Travel times to other Cairo areas range roughly from 40 minutes (Maadi, Heliopolis, and Nasr City) to an hour (Garden City and downtown), possibly longer for Zamalek. It may require more time at the end of the day owing to traffic congestion. Besides, on Fridays and weekdays in the evening, when the regular AUC bus system is not running, there is a special shuttle service for students who live on campus that go to El Rehab, Heliopolis Zamalek. Residents of faculty housing are also eligible to use this shuttle.

New Cairo is only 90 km from Ain El Sokhna. Ain El Sokhna is known for its crystal waters and pristine beaches. For photos of a trip organized by the Office of Faculty Housing in April 2013, please click here.

There are schools in New Cairo such as the New Cairo British International School, the Canadian International School, Choueifat International School, Modern English School, and the American International School. Usually, these schools provide transportation, but it is always wise to check with them before registering.