Community-Based Learning Track


Principles of Community-Based Learning (CBL)
Facilitator: Hossam Attiah
This workshop highlights the definitions, guiding principles and benefits of CBL pedagogies. It offers an overview of different teaching models involving CBL, and engages participants in discussion on preparation and management. Different examples of CBL classes in different disciplines are shared.

Step-by-Step CBL Activity Design
Facilitators: Hala A. Hak, Aliaa Hamad and Hossam El Din Attiah
This is a hands-on workshop that gives participants practical experience in designing a CBL activity. Emphasis is placed on different ways to integrate CBL into an existing or new course, depending on learning goals, size of the class, academic preparation of the students and community partnership or project type.

Assessment of Community-Based Learning
Facilitators: Hala A. Hak, Aliaa Hamad and Hossam El Din Attiah
CBL assessment of student output may be facilitated by reflective frameworks that inform and integrate the process. This workshop introduces selected tools and models for both formative and summative CBL assessment, including the importance of reflection and reflection rubrics.

CBL Faculty Development: Maximizing Benefits and Minimizing Challenges
Facilitators: Hala A. Hak, Aliaa Hamad and Hossam El Din Attiah
This is an open discussion regarding faculty professional development, ethical considerations, and general tips for success. Best practices will be identified for how faculty, students, and community partners can gain the most benefit from the CBL experience and how to prevent and address common challenges.