Ben Salah

Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics and Actuarial Science


Brief Biography

Zied is an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics and Actuarial Science. He received his PhD from the University of Montreal (2013), Canada, and joined AUC in 2015. His main research interests are in the fields of ruin theory and mathematical finance. He teaches courses in actuarial and financial mathematics at the undergraduate and graduate level. He was also a visiting fellow in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Concordia University, Canada.

Research interests

Lévy Processes, Markov Additive Processes: Applications in Finance and Insurance.

 Risk Theory: Generalized Risk Models, Ruin Theory, and Risk Measures.

 Mathematical Finance: Option Pricing and Theory of Arbitrage.

Selected Publications

1. Z. Ben Salah and J. Garrido (2016). On Reinsurance by Capital Injections in a Brownian Perturbed Risk Model (submitted).

2. Z. Ben Salah, H. Guérin, M. Morales and H.O. Firouzi (2015). On the Depletion Problem for Insurance Risk Process: New Non-ruin Quantities in Collective Risk Theory. European Actuarial Journal. Volume 5, Issue 2, pp  381-425.

3. Z. Ben Salah (2014). On a Generalization of the Expected Discounted Penalty Function to Include Deficits At and Beyond Ruin. European Actuarial Journal. Volume 4, Issue 1, pp  219-246.

4. Z. Ben Salah and M. Morales, R.(2012). Lévy Systems and the Time Value of Ruin for Markov Additive Processes  European Actuarial Journal. Volume 2, Issue 2, pp 289-317.

5. R.H. Momeya and  Z. Ben Salah (2012). The Minimal Entropy Martingale Measure (MEMM) for a Markov-Exponential Lévy Model. Asia Pacific Financial Markets. Volume 19, Issue 1, pp 63-98.