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Brief Biography

McIntyre is a postdoctoral teaching fellow and assistant professor of philosophy at The American University in Cairo. He received his PhD from the University of California at Santa Barbara, where he taught for six years before joining the department of philosophy at AUC. His research interests are in epistemology, logic and the philosophy of science, and metaphysics. McIntyre specializes in the philosophy of the 17th and 18th century, particularly the philosophy of Descartes and the British Empiricists—Hobbes, Locke, Berkeley, and Hume. McIntyre's current research focuses on Hobbes's views on language and its connection to his philosophy of mind.

  • “Concerning 'Men's affections to Godward': Hobbes on the First and Eternal Cause of All Things” Journal of the History of Philosophy 54 (2016): 547-572

    “Language” in The Bloomsbury Companion to Hobbes, ed. S.A. Lloyd (London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2013).

  • PhD Philosophy, The University of California at Santa Barbara, 2015

    MA/CPhil, The University of California at Santa Barbara, 2011

Research Interest

Epistemology and skepticism; logic and the philosophy of science; metaphysics. In the history of philosophy: 17th and 18th century philosophy; Thomas Hobbes; George Berkeley; David Hume; Academic and Pyrrhonian Skepticism; American Pragmatism (especially C.S. Peirce).