Rima Balshe


Visiting Instructor of Cognitive Psychology
Department of Psychology


Brief Biography

Rima Balshe is in the midst of finalizing her dissertation research at University College London, which entailed the impressive feat of collecting data from nearly 300 Egyptian school children aged from seven to eleven for three experimental rounds. Balshe is interested in the cognitive underpinnings of reading development in both Arabic and English. Her work falls at the intersection of linguistics, learning, and psychology, with a focus on attention, memory, and learning as it pertains to language. She is excited to be teaching undergraduate cognitive psychology. Balshe also has an MA with distinction from the University of London and extensive experience in inclusive education. 

    • PhD Psychology Candidate, University College London - Dissertation “Orthographic Learning of Arabic L1 and English L2 Egyptian 3rd, 4th and 5th Graders”
    • MA Special and Inclusive Education with Distinction, University of London – Thesis “Does Orthography facilitate the acquisition of newly taught words?
    • BSc Computer Mathematics, Carleton University, Canada
Research Interest
  • Cognitive psychology
  • Educational psychology
  • Psycholinguistics