Assistant Professor
Department of Public Policy and Administration


Brief Biography

Racha Helwa is an assistant professor at the Department of Public Policy and Administration of the School of Global Affairs. She obtained her PhD in economic ppolicy from the University of Cambridge and she holds two master's degrees in international political economy from the London School of Economics, and in finance, banking and risk management from the University of Paris. She has fifteen years of work experience in Egypt, France and the United Kingdom where she worked in academia, private sector and government. She has specialized in economic policy, economic development and foreign direct investment. Her research focuses on economic policy in developing countries, particularly those from the Middle East and North Africa region. She has contributed to research published by the UNDP on Business Solutions for Human Development, and she is currently working on a research paper on Green Finance in cooperation with the World Bank. She is also preparing to publish a book on the determinants of foreign direct investment in the service inustries of Egypt where she focuses on four industries: oil and gas, construction and real estate, banking and finance, and telecommunication and information technology.

Papers and Publications   

  • Helwa, R. (2012). The Impact of Institutional Quality on the Presence, Performance and Risk of Foreign Direct Investment in Egypt in Proceedings of Specialized Round-Table Discussion, Vale Columbia Center on Sustainable International Investment, Columbia University. April 2012, NY.
  • Helwa, R. (2011). The Effect of Institutions on the Presence of Foreign Investment in Developing Countries: The Case of Egypt in Proceedings of AIB-MENA Annual Conference, Zayed University. January 2011, Dubai.
  • Helwa, R. (2011). Where is the Egyptian Economy Heading After the Uprising? Exeter University Politics Journal, November edition.
  • Helwa, R. (2007). A Critical Assessment of the Literature on Foreign Direct Investment Determinants in Proceedings of University of Cambridge Annual Conference, Cambridge. March 2007, Cambridge.
  • UNDP (2007) Business Solutions for Human Development Report, 2007. United Nations Development Program (UNDP), NY. (Contributor).

Conferences and Workshops

Middle East Institute (MEI) – Washington DC (2015)

  • Speaker: Participated in a Panel Discussion on ‘Social Enterprise in Egypt: Start-Ups with Staying Power’

2013: London School of Economics (LSE) - London

  • Speaker: Presented paper on 'The Social and Economic Impacts of the Rise and Fall of the Egyptian Spring'

Columbia University - New York (2014)

  • Speaker: Presented paper on 'The Impact of Institutional quality on Presence, Performance and Risk of Foreign Direct Investment in Egypt'

AIB-MENA - Dubai (2012)

  • Chair: Session on 'Management during Uncertainty and Change'
  • Speaker: Presented paper on 'The Effect of Institutional Efficiency on the Presence of Foreign Investment in Developing Countries: The Case Study of Egypt'

The British Chamber of Commerce – London (2009)

  • Lead Organizer: Conference on 'The Challenge of Sustainability: How is Business Evolving in Response?’

John Dunning Centre for International Business, University of Reading - Reading (2008)

  • Participant: 'The Second International Business Conference'

University of Cambridge, Annual Conference – Cambridge (2007)

  • Speaker: Presented paper on 'A Critical Assessment of the Existing Theoretical Framework for Foreign Direct Investment Determinants'

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) – Cairo (2007)

  • Speaker: Conducted a workshop on 'The Experience of Egypt in Changing the Statistical Compilation Methodology for Foreign Direct Investment'. The workshop included participants from 12 countries from the Middle East and Gulf. The workshop was held upon direct invitation from the IMF.

Academic Awards

  • Board of Graduate Studies Grant (University of Cambridge, 2012)
  • Cambridge Overseas Trust (University of Cambridge, 2007-2012)
  • Arab-British Chamber of Commerce (UK, 2010-2012)
  • Sidney-Perry Foundation Award (2008)
  • Chevening Scholarship (British Council, 2004)

Courses taught

  • Economics for Public Policy Analysis
  • Government Interventions in Market-Oriented Economy
  • Government Finance for Policy Analysis
  • Management in Government  
  • Citizens-Centered Government