Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud
Assistant professor
Department of Sociology, Egyptology and Anthropology
AUC New Cairo
t 1862


Brief Biography

Ilka Eickhof joined the sociology unit in 2017. Before coming to AUC, she was a PhD researcher and lecturer at NVIC Cairo (2014-2017), a research associate and lecturer at the Center for Middle Eastern and North African Studies at Freie University Berlin, and worked at the 'Haus der Kulturen der Welt' in Berlin (2009-2011). Her Phd in which she analyzes Northern European cultural institutions in Cairo 2011-2015 in regards to development aid, the notion of the gift, neoliberal labor structures and the perpetuation of social inequality through European foreign cultural politics is anchored at the department for social anthropology at the University of Amsterdam. The research aims at taking a closer look at the structures and frameworks of intervention and regulation in and through the cultural field, scrutinizing the approach and self-representation of dominant European cultural institutions in Cairo, and how their work is negotiated on the ground. Eickhof holds an MA (HONS) in Islamic Studies, Sociology, and Modern History (2009).

  • Monograph on anti-Muslim racism in Germany (2010), a short edited volume on the power of laughter in regards to sexism and racism (2014), and a range of articles (see list of publications below). Read More

  • Critical Development Politics in Egypt, NVIC 2017, BA

    Politics and Culture in Egypt, NVIC 2014-16, BA

    Contextualizing Contemporary Egypt, NVIC 2014-16, MA

    Politics in the Arab World, Focus Egypt, FU 2013/14, BA

    Challenges and Transformation in the Arab World after the Revolution, FU and Cairo University 2013, BA

    Pop(ular) Culture in the Arab World, FU 2012, BA

    Orientalism – Aspects and Current Notions of a Debate, FU 2011/12

Research Interest

Social Theory, Habitus, Class, Postcolonial Critique, Critical Cultural Studies, Theories of Racism, Cultural Politics, Art and Culture in the Arab World, Politics of Identity and Representation.


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Eickhof/Schaper/Tuch (eds.) (2014): Sauer Macht Lustig. Das Buch zum Festival [On the Power of Laughter. Festival Publication], Berlin.


Eickhof, Ilka (2017): Producing Inequality: Creative Economies in Cairo, in: mada masr, April 20, 2017 (shorter version of an academic article, forthcoming).

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Eickhof, Ilka (2007): Genderidentität und Heteronorm in der Türkei [Gender Identity and Heteronormativity in Turkey], in: INAMO No. 52, Vol. 13 (Sexualitäten), pp. 22-24.