Hendri Coetzee


Visiting Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology


Brief Biography

Hendri Coetzee is joining AUC for one year as a visiting professor in community psychology. Formerly the owner and operator of a private research consulting company, Coetzee nowadays functions as a member of institutional management at the North-West University in South Africa where he manages the university's engaged research program. He obtained his master in research psychology in 2007 from North-West University and returned several years later to complete a doctorate in environmental sciences in 2014. He has a longstanding interest in environmental conservation as is evident from the numerous papers he has published to date and has received around $200,000 in research grants. He will be teaching courses related to community psychology and conservation behaviors. 

Research Interest

As an engaged scholar, Coetzee’s research mainly focuses on community, conservation and social-environmental topics. Amongst others, these topics encompass community well-being, sustainability, monitoring and evaluating community impact, human-environment interactions, community-based conservation, natural resource management, and human-wildlife conflict as well as the conservation of the Southern Ground-Hornbill.