Department of Philosophy


Brief Biography

Ernest Wolf-Gazo has been a professor of philosophy at The American University in Cairo since 1991.

Wolf-Gazo received his BA at George Washington University in 1969 (philosophy and classical Greek); his PhD (magna cum laude) from Bonn University (West Germany) in 1974 and his habilitation (German tenure) from Muenster University (Westphalia, Germany) in 1984.

Wolf-Gazo has been a post-doctoral fellow at Yale University in 1985 -1986 and a visiting professor at Leuven University, Belgium at 1984 - 1985.

He was a visiting professor at the universities of Bonn, Dortmund, Duesseldorf, Seoul, Istanbul, Ankara, Afyon Kocatepe, Kuala Lumpur, Tehran, Georgetown, Maryland, and Macedonia.

His volume on A.N.Whitehead -- Einfuehrung in seine Kosmologie (Freiburg: Alber Verlag, 1980) -- has established itself as a basic text at German universities; his volume on Process in Context (1988) had a significant impact on Whitehead studies.

Research Interest
  • Max Weber and the social sciences
  • Sociology of knowledge
  • A.N. Whitehead
  • Aesthetics 
  • Philosophy of history