Department of Rhetoric and Composition


Brief Biography

Andrew has spent the past 20 years working in the field of educational technology as a software developer, online course creator, and business owner. He worked extensively with USAID and Canadian aid programs in Egypt from 1998-2010, developing distance training programs for teachers as well as computer-game based alternative education for children in micro-loan communities. His published works include three Arabic language learning applications published by AUC Press between 2005-2007 and an online Arabic language course the has had hundreds of enrolled students. Andrew enjoys communication and writing and has developed his ability in this area over two decades of generating products, marketing and selling them, and running small businesses. From 2014 - 2018, he taught in the Department of Rhetoric and Composition at AUC in the fall term only, but this year is now beginning full time. When not teaching or running his business, he has been a sports coach, amateur musician, and tour guide. 

      • BA in Linguistics and Middle Eastern Studies (University of Toronto)
      • MA in TEFL (AUC)
    Research Interest
    • Impact of Digital Technology
    • Entrepreneurialism