Assistant Professor
Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering


Brief Biography

Ahmed M. Mahmoud is an assistant professor in the Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering at The American University in Cairo. He received his BSc degree with honors from the electronics and communications engineering department at Ain shams University. He then joined the Center of Advanced Communications at  theElectrical and Computer Engineering Department of Villanova University where he received his MSc degree with a GPA of 4.0. He then joined the Fields and Waves Lab at the Electrical and Systems Engineering Department at the University of Pennsylvania, where he received his PhD in 2016. He was awarded Joseph, D'16, and Rosaline Wolf Award for Best Doctoral Dissertation.

Mahmoud has authored and co-authored numerous scientific works that have been published or placed under review in peer-reviewed journal papers, and peer-reviewed conference proceedings. His papers have appeared in several high-impact journals, including (among others) Science, Nature Communications, Optics Express, and Optica. His research and academic accomplishments have been picked up by national media outlets, such as Al Ahram newspaper.

His research interests span the areas of applied electromagnetics, antenna design, metamaterials, plasmonics and nanophotonics, with applications ranging from microwaves to mid IR and optical frequencies. He is interested in theoretically, numerically, and experimentally exploring novel and extreme aspects of wave interaction with smartly engineered structures, that have the potential of significantly influencing both the scientific and industrial communities in the near future.

Mahmoud currently teaches Electromagnetic Waves (ECNG 4402), Electrical Circuits (ECNG 2106), and Circuit Analysis Lab (ECNG 2109).

Selected Publications

Iñigo Liberal, Ahmed M Mahmoud, Yue Li, Brian Edwards, Nader Engheta, “Photonic doping of epsilon-near-zero media,” Science, 355, 2017.

Liberal, A. M. Mahmoud, and N. Engheta, “Geometry-invariant resonant cavities,” Nature Communications, 7, 2015.

A. M. Mahmoud, A. R. Davoyan, and N. Engheta, “All-Passive Nonreciprocal Metastructure,” Nature Communications, 5, 2014.

A M. Mahmoud, and N. Engheta “Peculiar terminals in light at the extreme,” Faraday Discussions, 2015.

M. Mahmoud, and N. Engheta “Wave–matter interactions in epsilon-and-mu-near-zero structures,” Nature Communications, 5, 2014.

A. M. Mahmoud, M. A. Wahby, and A. M. E. Safwat, “Microstrip balun over high impedance wire-ground,” IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters, 19, 443-445, 2009.