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The Transformation Squad aims to create a better AUC for all community members by engaging with the University in the physical and virtual space through critical initiatives. These initiatives are meant to enhance the lives of students, faculty, alumni, and visitors to the University by combining data and stakeholder-driven dialogue.

Listed below you will find our four pillars and the various initiatives currently taking place. These pillars are our guiding forces for each project and our squad.

This website is a crucial tool that gives the AUC community an outlet to engage with individual projects either through subscribing to project updates or providing feedback. Make sure to visit often, subscribe, and tell us how we are doing.  


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Greatness in Progress

AUC Coin

For the first time in the region, a cashless community is forming within the grounds of The American University in Cairo, paving the road for others to follow. AUC again taking a leading innovative step transforming the campus into a cashless one. Over 5,000 undergraduate students across AUC will use their IDs as their mode of payment for all on-campus purchases.

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AUC Mobile App

The AUC Mobile application aims to serve main stakeholders: students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The aim of the application is to increase communication and engagement. It is designed to be an intuitive, easy-to-use platform to encourage stakeholders to use every day. The main objective is to enhance the students’ life experience on and off campus through giving access to multiple features and services. The application should help integrate academic and non-academic events/activities beyond the classroom and immerse students in the community.
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Outdoor Seating Project

The outdoor seating project is an initiative meant to create proper communal areas across the University for all community members. The purpose of this project is to also create ‘creative collision’ points where different University stakeholders will interact and collaborate.

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Urban Design students exploring the campus on bikes

Bike-Sharing Project

To better serve the AUC community, the Office of Management and Transformation alongside the Office of Sustainability and the Office of Facilities and Operations are working to provide a bike sharing service so that all stakeholders may experience campus in a novel way. This project will change our AUC stakeholders engagement with the layout and beauty of our campus.

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Cafeteria Space Re-imagination

Where you eat is almost just as important as what you eat. To create a better food-related experience, the Office of Management and Transformation is looking into transforming the places we eat at to create more outlets for casual, professional, and creative activity.

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Visitor Access System

Whether it be for a major production, class project or graduation, AUC is a hub for people. Some of these individuals may not have an ID card but that does not mean they should not be on campus. In an effort to support our community and security teams, we are reimagining the visitor experience at AUC.
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Banner Cloud Update

Banner is one of our main institutional assets when it comes to providing direct services to all university stakeholders, both present and future. It provides the main interface for software applications for many administrative offices at AUC. We are currently in the process of upgrading this software to better serve our community. As such, our priorities are to ensure better system availability through infrastructure upgrades (physical and virtual) and developer tools to integrate new projects into our university’s software.

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Opportunities for Improvement and Cooperation


Cat Cooperation

The Office of Management and Transformation, along with University Food Services is working alongside the Student Union and Animal Rights Association to think of a humane and productive way to make our campus an environment where no one has to worry about cats on our campus.
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The Transformation Squad is run by the Office of Management and Transformation. If you have any questions please reach out to Grant Smith at