Medical Advice
Medical advice is available to all members of the AUC community, either through a visit to the medical services office or by phone, in case of an emergency. All AUC community members may visit the office in case of illness or for general medical advice.

Travel Medical Advice
The medical travel program is available to students, as well as faculty and staff members who may be traveling abroad. Information about immunization requirements in parts of the world to which they will travel is also available. Staff members may also check the CDC website.

Vaccines and Other Injections
Vaccination services are available at the medical services office on an appointment basis. Vaccines are paid for in cash, as they are not covered by medical insurance. We provide assistance in setting up schedules for vaccines and other injections.

Anti-Smoking Clinic

The AUC clinic provides smoking cessation and  Drug & Alcohol abuse preventive program under the supervision of:

Dr. Mahmoud M. Elhabiby
Associate Professor of Psychiatry
This clinic provides counseling and medication if needed. The medication is dispensed for free. The clinic operates once per week every Monday from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm.


For Faculty and Staff

For Students