Policies and Procedures

Patient Confidentiality Policy

All information about the health status of any patient is considered confidential.The University reserves the right to use information about the health status of any employee in making critical decisions that include the following:

  • Whether the employee can perform the essential requirements of the job in the future.
  • Whether employment should be extended beyond the normal retirement age.
  • Medical committee.
  • Making job modifications.

However, patient information is never released unless there is a written or oral consent from the patient.


AUC Ambulance Service

The AUC ambulance service is intended for the transport of critical cases on the AUC New Cairo campus only. If any member of the AUC community faces an emergency while off campus, he or she should contact the nearest hospital or public ambulance by dialing 123. In cases where an off-campus emergency is directly reported to the AUC medical services office, the aforementioned procedure will still be followed. The Office of Medical Services will follow up on all reported emergency cases to ensure that they are receiving proper health care. 


Vaccinations Needed for International Students:

According to CDC , Hepatitis A and Typhoid are essential. In some cases Hepatitis B is required too.

In case the student is coming from South Africa, yellow fever is required.


Policy of Pre-placement Physical Examination


As the Office of Medical Services is committed to maintaining a high standard of medical care for all members of the AUC community, the pre-placement examination policy is set to ensure that the health of AUC employees will be at a level that permits them to perform job-related assignments safely, effectively and without hazard to themselves or others.


The pre-placement policy is applicable before assuming duty and routinely during employment as applicants must undergo a medical examination and to be physically and mentally capable of performing the essential duties of the position efficiently and without hazard to themselves or others.

In addition, routine medical surveillance uncovers conditions that may develop as a result of occupational exposure, which have long latency periods for symptom development.

Failure to meet the physical and mental requirements of periodic physical examinations will be considered disqualifying, except when there is sufficient evidence that individuals can perform the essential functions of the job efficiently and without risk to themselves or others, with or without appropriate accommodation.

The medical examination includes general checkups on blood pressure, weight, height,deformation, vision, hearing, musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary, alimentary and neuropsychiatry, and investigations include urine analysis, CBC, fasting blood sugar tests, S. Creat, SGPT, chest X-ray and drug screening.

Other investigations may be required if deemed necessary.

Office of Medical Services Rules

  1. Patients should always come to the clinic on an appointment basis, except in the case of an emergency.
  2. Large crowds cannot accompany emergency cases; a maximum of one colleague or family member is permitted.
  3. After 4 pm, the clinic at AUC New Cairo only receives emergency cases.
  4. The patient must come to the office with the leaflet to attend medical examination form signed by his or her department chair or supervisor.

Scheduling Appointments

All patients requesting examination at the Office of Medical Services may only do so on a pre-scheduled basis, except in the case of an emergency. When booking their appointments, students should note that AUC New Cairo's Office of Medical Services operates from 4 pm to 8 am on an emergency basis only. Appointments may be made by calling 20.2.2615.3907

We encourage you to book an appointment before coming to the clinic as failure to do so will also may subject you too long wait times or even prevent you from being examined. Emergencies always take priority and emergency services are provided 24/7.

Appointments are available from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. After 4:30 pm, we only receive emergency cases.